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Alone in the Dark: Illumination

Alone in the Dark: Illumination is a survival-action horror title inspired by the classic from Atari and H.P. Lovecraft. You’ll play as one of four heroes and attempt to defeat The Darkness with awesome weapons, special abilities, and the power of illumination. The game is currently available for pre-order on Steam and comes with additional game content including skins, an achievement, and access to the game’s closed beta. Gamepedia is proud to present the Official Alone in the Dark: Illumination Wiki, your ultimate source for weapon information, hero descriptions, and more.

The game takes place in Lorwich, Virginia, a once prosperous industrial town destroyed by a ravenous flood. The town has remained desolate– until now. After numerous reports of strange creatures, you’ll venture into the forgotten town and attempt to fight back the Forces of Darkness. There are four playable heroes in the game, each with their own unique weapons and skills. The heroes include:

  • The Hunter – Direct descendant of Edward Carnby, a hero of the original Alone in the Dark. He possesses his grandfather’s passion of the supernatural and has vowed to help rid the world of the evil Darkness.
    Primary Weapons and Abilities: Assault Rifle, SMG, Flamethrower attachment
  • The Witch – Great-granddaughter of Emily Hartwood, the heroine of the original Alone in the Dark. She has a natural gift for magic and is well versed in the supernatural arts.
    Primary Weapons and Abilities: Revolver, Lightning Strike, Creature Control, Lightning Crawler
  • The Priest – Son of the nation’s most influential religious leaders. He fights the Darkness with his enhanced healing abilities.
    Primary Weapons and Abilities: Lord’s Embrace, Holy Light, Wrath of God, Cleansing of the Sinners, and Sacred Chant
  • The Engineer – Daughter of the Chief Engineer of the world’s leading computer hardware manufacturer. She uses gadgets and mechanical items to combat foes.
    Primary Weapons and Abilities: Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Tesla Wall, Comet

To see more in-game footage, check out the Pre-Order Trailer below.

Alone in the Dark: Illumination includes dynamic environments, achievements, bonuses, and even co-op multiplayer mode. Visit the Steam store if you’re interested in pre-ordering the game and receiving access to the closed beta. Follow the game on both Facebook and Twitter for game updates and related news. To learn more about gameplay, items, and the four heroes, check out the Official Alone in the Dark: Illumination Wiki on Gamepedia.