6 Asian Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Film

Drew Dietsch
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Asian superheroes aren’t as plentiful as they should be in comic book cinema. With a few exceptions like Wong and Katana, Asian superheroes haven’t been given the kind of proper representation that they deserve. Especially since there are plenty of great choices to pick from.

We’ve pulled together six Asian superheroes that we think could headline their own movies.

Amadeus Cho (Hulk)

hulk amadeus cho asian superheroes

When Mark Ruffalo does eventually hang up his purple trousers, there is no question that Amadeus Cho should step in as the next Hulk. Cho is a very different character compared to Bruce Banner when it comes to their powers. Where Banner sees the Hulk as a curse, Cho embraces his alter ego and brings a sense of revelry to the Hulk. Plus, Cho is considered to be one of the smartest minds in the entire Marvel universe. It’d be great to see him headline the new wave of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


jubilee x-men asian superheroes

Jubilation Lee is one of the most beloved mutants in the X-Men canon. Seriously, just search “Jubilee cosplay” and you’ll see countless fans dressed up as the spunky teenage mutant. Though she’s been sidelined in a few of the X-Men films, she’d be the perfect protagonist character for the audience to fall in love with. Heck, they already did that in the ’90s cartoon series and it worked like a charm! If they ever fully reboot the X-Men universe, give Jubilee the lead role and let’s see her finally get the spotlight she deserves.

Cassandra Cain (Batgirl)

cassandra cain batgirl asian superheroes

DC wants to make a Batgirl movie and that’s awesome. But, everyone assumes that it will be the Barbara Gordon version of the character. Why not switch it up and introduce wide audiences to Cassandra Cain? She’s the daughter of two world-class assassins and was actually the first Batgirl to headline her own solo comic. Barbara is a great character but Cassandra’s status as a former assassin gives her character a bunch of darker depth to explore. Let’s give a new generation of fans a brand new Batgirl to look up to.


silk spider-man asian superheroes

Sony is going to be exploring every character they can in their Spider-Man universe, and it would be awesome to get an all-female team-up including Spider-Woman and Spider-Gwen. But, if you’re gonna give someone the lead role in this hypothetical flick, you’ve gotta go with Silk a.k.a. Cindy Moon. She’s bitten by the same radioactive spider that gave Peter Parker his powers but she has a much more difficult time learning to control them. With Sony introducing the idea of the Spider-Verse in an upcoming animated film, it’d be awesome to see Silk make her big screen debut as well.

Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel)

ms marvel kamala khan asian superheroes

No other character has been as celebrated as Kamala Khan. After she became the new Ms. Marvel once Carol Danvers became Captain Marvel, fans found themselves falling in love with her. She’s spunky, fun-spirited, and fully committed to fighting for the America she believes in. With Captain Marvel on the way, it seems like a no-brainer to introduce Kamala into the Marvel Cinematic Universe much like Peter Parker was introduced in Captain America: Civil War. We need more young heroes in the MCU and Kamala should be the first one who gets a shot.


xombie asian superheroes

The DC Extended Universe has started to play with the supernatural but also feel the need to combat these forces with modern technology. There is no better character to symbolize this struggle than Xombi a.k.a. David Kim. After an accident with some nanites — microscopic robots that repair genetic tissue — he is rendered practically immortal and incapable of contracting any disease. However, his newfound ability puts him in the crosshairs of many other immortal beings. Xombi is a weird but wonderful character that could bridge the gap between science and the supernatural in the DC Extended Universe.

You know who else deserves their own movies? Villains! Here are some Marvel villains that we think could headline their own feature film.

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