6 Magical Characters We Want On ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 4

Brittany Rivera
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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is one of the most unique superhero shows on TV — and if the season 3 finale was any indication — the show is only going to get weirder. Season 3 ended with the Legends finally getting their much needed vacation in Aruba, only to have it interrupted by John Constantine holding a dragon’s head. He revealed that in defeating Mallus they had unleashed other supernatural forces. That means Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 is about to get magical.

This season the Legends will be up against “magical creatures from myths, fairytales, and legends.” While there’s nothing these time traveling misfits can’t handle, they may need a little extra help when it comes to dealing with the magical and mystical. Sure they have Constantine now, but it also gives the show room to introduce new, magic wielding characters from the DC Comics.

Here are five heroes — and one villain — we want to see on Legends of Tomorrow Season 4.

1. Zatanna

Zatanna DC Comics

Zatanna is a human born with the ability to manipulate magic. She is incredibly powerful with the capability to cast spells, teleport, create energy, heal, and control elements such as fire, water, and wind. She works as a stage magician as well, using her powers to create elaborate illusions. Zatanna comes from a long line of magic wielders, including both her mother and father. Oh and she also used to date Constantine.

It is easy to imagine an episode where the Legends find Zatanna hiding in a traveling circus and convince her to help them defeat their latest threat. It would be great to see her and Constantine trading barbs and also to see another a powerful female hero fighting alongside the rest of the team. Zatanna is perhaps one of the best known magic users in the DC Comics and it would be a shame to have a season devoted to the magical without her.

2. Black Alice

Black Alice in the DC Comics

Lori Zechlin is a teenager who goes by the alias Black Alice. She has the ability to steal the magic of others- leaving them temporarily powerless in return. She even takes on her subject’s appearance and clothing while using their powers and can take on more than one person’s powers at once. However, she has no way of controlling how long these powers last and taking more power than she can control could have dangerous side effects.

Black Alice could be a formidable ally for the Legends. As a teenager she is young and unpredictable, potentially leading to clashes with Sara over leadership. Black Alice’s power would make for a fun episode, as she steals the powers of the team’s latest threat or even some of the Legends themselves.

3. Madame Xanadu

Madame Xanadu DC Comics

Madame Xandau was previously known by the name Nimue Indwudu. She was a sorceresses who cast a spell on Merlin, who retaliated by taking away her magic. Over the years she developed the ability to read the future using tarot cards, teleport, levitate, and sense the supernatural. She is also immortal, a power she gained after beating Death in a game of cards.

Another byproduct of Madame Xandau’s ill fated spell on Merlin is that is caused her to go blind in both eyes. Legends of Tomorrow already boasts one of the most diverse casts on television. Casting a blind actress to play a superhero guest star could go a long way in continuing that trend and creating more representation on television.

4. Blue Devil

Blue Devil DC Comics

Some fans may be surprised to learn that Blue Devil already exists in the DCTV Universe. The character has appeared as an Easter Egg in both Arrow and The Flash, showing up in movie posters in both shows. This makes sense because in the DC Comics the character is a stuntman named Daniel Cassidy who is attacked by a demon during one of his film shoots. The incident leaves him with superhuman strength and agility as well as enhanced senses. This he combines with his engineering background (which he had previously used to rig suits to create spectacular stunts) to become a hero.

Having Blue Devil on Legends of Tomorrow would be a fun payoff for the earlier clues. He’s a dynamic character who would have plenty in common with the rest of the team with the whole demon thing. Being the big pop culture fans they are, Ray and Nate would probably find themselves a bit star struck working with the former actor which could lead to some funny moments as well.

5. Bloodwynd

Bloodwynd DC Comics

Bloodwyn is the superhero identity of Freddy Widmer. He has the ability to sense when death occurs as well as flight, superhuman strength, teleportation, and invisibility. The source of these powers comes from an object known as the Blood Gem. The gem was created when a group of slaves concentrated all of their hatred and rage into a gemstone, trapping the soul of their sadistic master inside. This gem is passed down through generations of former slaves before being given to Freddy.

With the season 2 episode “Abominations “, Legends of Tomorrow proved they could handle subjects such as slavery and the Civl War with sensitivity. A character with a history like Bloodwyn’s could give the show even deeper issues to delve into. The Blood Gem also acts as a gateway to other realties, which could give the Legends a number of other realms to explore.

6. Morgaine le Fey

Morgaine le Fey DC Comics

What’s a season of magic heroes without a magic villain? Morgaine le Fey is the ancient sorceress from the Arthurian legend and would make the perfect villain for Legends of Tomorrow Season 4. She is skilled in black magic, can command the Earth to move at her will, and can disintegrate objects with a touch. She uses her magic without restraint and will do anything to gain more power.

Legends of Tomorrow has had a number of strong supporting female villains including Kuasa and Nora Darhk. The next step would be having a season long female big bad. Morgaine fits the bill because she’s magical and historical, combining the two unique things Legends has over the other DCTV shows. Morgaine is also the older sister of Madame Xandau so using both characters could tie the season together and give the show a familial struggle of good vs. evil.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 premieres Monday, October 22nd at 9 PM on the CW.

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