7 Characters We Want to See Next in ‘Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’

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With Dissidia Final Fantasy NT releasing this January, we’ll soon get to pit our favorite characters in the long-running RPG series against one another in the fast-paced, strategy brawler on PlayStation 4. We’re not only excited about the release of the three-versus-three brawler, but also the post-launch support. We know we’ll get new characters after launch (the website ominously tells us there’s “more to come”), so here’s our list of the seven we want next.

Vivi Ornitier – Final Fantasy IX

The adorable black mage would make an excellent choice.

As one of the most popular and iconic characters in the series by far, it makes perfect sense to include Vivi in the game. While his fighting style was not suited to the one-on-one matches seen in earlier Dissidia titles, it would work well for Dissidia NT‘s team-based gameplay.

Vivi’s Black Magic has a comprehensive skill set to base his moves on, making him well suited to the ranged Assassin class. Alternatively, as we’ve seen him augment Steiner’s power with Sword Magic, he could bring this skill as a unique dynamic to Dissidia NT in the supporting Specialist class. This would make the lovable character a fantastic addition to the roster.

Auron – Final Fantasy X


The legendary guardian Auron is arguably the most popular character from Final Fantasy X. Mostly because he’s a no-nonsense badass wielding a samurai sword. As much as we like Yuna, his exclusion from Dissidia 012 in favor of her weird combat style was criminal. With the new role summons have in the game, Yuna wouldn’t fit nearly as well in NT as Auron.

Auron’s fighting style gives him access to samurai moves that are slow but powerful. He’s the only character that mixes his beverages with a massive sword to perform a Bushido move. He also has the highest starting HP in X, making him the toughest character. This, along with his combat style, makes him perfect for the defensive Vanguard class.

Gilgamesh – Final Fantasy V

Gilgamesh's stats in Final Fantasy XIII-2
Because his 'XIII-2' appearance is still his best.

Gilgamesh is a series favorite who first appeared in Final Fantasy V. He has since been in several games in the series in some form. The swordsman, who wields a large variety of weapons, due to his many arms, did show up in Dissidia 012. However, his fighting style was weaker and less impressive than many of the other characters.

The class system of Dissidia NT provides the perfect opportunity to rethink Gilgamesh as a Specialist character (the class with the fewest members). He has access to a wide range of weapons, from Dragoon lances to Warrior swords, and can cast Blue Magic spells. A potential double threat, he could have access to both offensive and defensive abilities. Of course, he would fit just as easily into the Assassin class.

Ardyn Izunia – Final Fantasy XV

Ardyn Izunia from Final Fantasy XV

Ardyn Izunia is a spectacularly underrated villain and one of the franchise’s best characters. Let down by the game’s unfortunately clunky but otherwise well-written story, Ardyn is a cunning and manipulative villain. Not only can he be extremely threatening, but his dialogue is also pretty amazing. His battle quotes alone make him worth seeing. Also, Final Fantasy XV needs more representation than just Noctis.

Ardyn’s use of the powers of the Lucis kings gives him abilities similar to Noctis’. Like Noctis, he could easily be a warping Assassin. However, the daemonic powers he has demonstrated in cutscenes are much more interesting. Using them, he is able to manipulate his surroundings. This would make him a great Specialist, as he could use these powers to augment his allies.

Tifa Lockhart – Final Fantasy VII

Tifa render from Dissidia 012.

Tifa Lockhart was a fantastic addition to Dissidia 012 — even though her story chapter was boring. Luckily, her unique brawling combat style made her extremely fun to play. A fistfighting Monk character is noticeably absent from Dissidia NT‘s current roster. Tifa is the perfect choice to fill that void.

Tifa has a fantastic set of moves from Dissidia 012, the Advent Children movie, and her Limit Breaks from the original game to choose from. Her fast-paced, mobile style of combat would make her a unique and effective Assassin. She deserves to be the next addition from Final Fantasy VII.

Balthier – Final Fantasy XII


What’s most surprising about Balthier, the James Bond-Han Solo hybrid, is that he hasn’t already appeared in a Dissidia title. It’s even stranger when you consider that he was in Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the LionsAfter all, he is the greatest character from Final Fantasy XII and, as the “leading man,” has several memorable lines.

Balthier’s gunslinging abilities make him stand out in a roster overrun with sword wielders. Final Fantasy XII’s License Board makes it plausible for him to use countless skills. The developers could also add his Revenant Wings or Tactics moves, making him a perfect Marksman.

Celes Chere – Final Fantasy VI

Celes in Final Fantasy 6

General Celes Chere arguably shares the role of Final Fantasy VI‘s lead character with Terra, given her prominence in the second ‘act’ of the game. Not to mention, she plays the most significant role in the legendary opera scene.

Due to the nature of Final Fantasy VI‘s battle system, Celes has few unique moves aside from Runic. This gives the developers plenty of freedom to create new moves for her to work with, as they did with Terra. Her use of swords and defensive magic spells make her a perfect fit for the Vanguard class (which could use more female characters) with endless possibilities for magicite-infused abilities.

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