Huluween Returns With 7 All-New Scary Shorts

Matt Fowler
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The time is right for things that go bump in the night. Hulu has filled its October “Huluween” slate of spooky programming with the return of Castle Rock, Light as a Feather, Into the Dark and the movie Little Monsters.

And for the second year in a row, you can check out an exclusive selection of sinister short films as part of the Huluween 2: Film Fest!

Feast your eyes on seven horror shorts from rising indie filmmakers. In a collaboration with the Sundance Institute, these films have been selected to maximize scares and highlight fright. Here’s what’s available…


When a woman signs up to be moderator on a major social media platform, she discovers the hard way why no one lasts long in the position. Directed by Chelsea Lupkin, Flagged takes sensitive content to a creepy new level as her job description may have left out some deadly details.

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Be careful which antique items you allow access to your home! In Hidden Mother, directed by Joshua Erkman, a recently-widowed mother is gifted an old photo that happens to harbor the presence of an ominous entity within its frame.

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As if being a newbie in spin class isn’t mortifying enough, Brit finds out her fitness fellowship is a little…fanatical. Cyclists with a sinister side that’s hard to hide. Can she survive the ride of her life? Directed by Meredith Alloway.

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Ugh, is there anything more nerve-racking than online dating? Especially when cutesy messaging might mask malicious motives? When Olivia “swipes right” on a handsome stranger, her world collides with some serious hidden danger. Directed by Elaine Mongeon.

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Directed by Jennifer Reeder, The Dunes follows a young couple on a beach date who encounter way more than sunshine and surf. Will the last day of summer be their last day ever? Things get dark and mysterious in this sandy spook-fest.

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Every up-and-coming band has its problems. For Rat House, trouble arises when it’s laid back, underachieving guitarist shows off a special talent that’s sure to bring down the house. This rockin’ reel was directed by Calvin Reeder.

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Brought to us by director Nicole Pearlman, Undo tracks a groundbreaking physicist as his celebration is interrupted by a haunting figure determined to deliver a message. A terrifying time-travel tale about the dangers of discovery.

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Matt Fowler