7 Ways Animal Crossing Beats Reality

Wilson Antonio
Games Nintendo
Games Nintendo

Since the Nintendo Switch launched last year, its lineup has been amazing, including titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. Many fans are distraught because Nintendo has yet to announce a new Animal Crossing game.

The most recent installment is the fun but limited mobile title, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. With hardware constantly improving, games are becoming more intense, so many long for the relaxation of Animal Crossing. Of all the game worlds out there, AC is easily one of the most desirable for its calm atmosphere.

Perfect Weather

When choosing a home, one of the most important aspects is the weather. Ideally, you’d look for a place with a climate that changes as the months go by so that you can experience each season. Unfortunately, it’s getting harder to predict weather patterns with surprises like heatwaves in winter becoming more common. In Animal Crossing, the weather is exactly what you expect it to be.

During the summer months, it’s warm and sunny while during the winter months, it’s cold and snowy. There are no natural disasters and no need to worry about heat waves in the fall. The only unpredictable elements are storms, sudden rainfall, and the occasional meteor shower. Still, it’d be nice to live someplace where you knew exactly what the weather would be without needing to look it up.

No One’s a Jerk 

Whether you’re an introvert, an extrovert, or somewhere in-between, you enjoy and sometimes rely on a sense of community. This is something that Animal Crossing excels in because it’s a cornerstone of their universe.

Everyone you meet is pleasant, friendly, and relaxed (except Mr. Resetti). Even the shady characters like Redd and Tom Nook have a certain charm to them. Although Redd sells counterfeit items, he treats the player like family, usually calling them “cousin.” Tom is essentially a loan shark, but he never applies pressure and simply wants the best home for the player.

It’s almost impossible to upset people in this game since the biggest liability is the player themselves. Even so, no one’s perfect, and the main flaw of the AC community is their dependence on the player’s presence. If you ignore them too much, they’ll move away forever. That hurts.

Easy Money

The most realistic aspect of Animal Crossing is the fact that debt exists. A recurring concept in AC is getting a home and finding yourself indebted to Tom Nook, who owns almost everything. However, there’s no need to worry about mounting pressure because paying the bills is nothing.

If you apply yourself and have patience, you can make thousands of dollars (sorry, bells) a day. Catching fish, chasing bugs, and finding fossils are all viable ways to make bank. With a little hard work and the right tools, you’ll pay off that home loan in no time so you can get another when it’s time to expand.

No Crime

In some cities, people live day-to-day in constant fear and concern for their safety. Now, while police and other officials exist in Animal Crossing, they have nothing to do. The towns and cities of AC are some of the safest to ever exist.

No reckless drivers, vandals, muggers or other criminals to worry about there (save for Redd and his counterfeit merchandise). The only policeman in town, either Copper or Booker, is in charge of the Lost and Found, which the player can abuse to their heart’s content. With this in mind, the only potential criminal is the player.

Everything Is in Walking Distance

Many people wish they could live somewhere that has everything. As humans, we value variety in our lives, so the more options we have, the better. The typical Animal Crossing town may be small, but it’s very diverse. There are trees, flowers, a beach, city, museum, various shops, monthly events, and competitions.

The best part is there’s no need to worry about commuting because everything is so close; you can hit the beach and the city on the same day within a few minutes. There are usually free and efficient transportation services, which also allow you to visit neighboring towns. Most activities are a hop and a skip away.

Unrealistically Roomy Pockets

Traveling is rarely a hassle-free ordeal and involves a lot of planning, packing, and organizing, which leads to stress. At the end of the process, you’re usually stuck with several large bags that you need to lug to your destination. You wouldn’t need to worry about that in Animal Crossing where suitcases pretty much don’t exist.

In AC, scientists have perfected storage technology because even big objects can shrink and be put into pants’ pockets. Even the pockets themselves are large but have strange rules. Who knew refrigerators and t-shirts took up the same amount of space?

Fun Musical Statues

Countries all over the world have different ways of honoring the dead. Some are beautiful and others are haunting, but the Japanese Haniwa statues are both. These clay figures are said to house the spirits of the deceased, but look kind of disturbing. Luckily, Animal Crossing has put a colorful spin on this concept with the lively Gyroids.

Aside from posing, each one emits a distinct tone when ‘awakened’ and will continue to do so until interacted with again. They’re found buried deep in the ground, so by recovering them, you’re giving these musical idols a chance to be part of a home again — your home. Good luck collecting them all for your statuesque symphony!

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