April’s Best Trailers

Gaming News
Gaming News

April had a plethora of great cinematic goodies for gamers. From debuts to updates, the world of game trailers was on fire. There were even a few surprise reveals that got everyone pretty pumped. Let’s relive them together, eh?

GTA V PC 60fps Trailer


Look at how pretty a 2 year old game can still be!  Many setbacks had stopped this game from reaching PCs in a timely manner, but it’s finally here and looks absolutely gorgeous.



Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Debut


The not well kept secret reveal of the sequel to 2011’s stellar stealth shooter is looking to throw its new setting and lore on its ear. What it means for the endings of the first game remains to be seen, as does many of the improvements/changes from Human Revolution to now. Hopefully it starts with the bosses.



Forza Horizon 2 Furious 7 Car Pack


Now you can drive the cars from the blockbuster hit movie. I doubt you will do it as well as Vin Diesel. There’s also no “Press X to Rock Bottom Jason Statham” button, and that really bums me out.



I am Bread Launch Trailer


A game about being a slice of bread. At least its voiced by Troy Baker, pun completely intended.



Death Tractor Debut Trailer


This is here just to prove this game exists. Theres probably an allegory to the oppressive nature of Big Farms and GMOs here, but please don’t look part the fact that there are killer tractors in this game.



Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Reveal Trailer


Like clockwork, this year’s Call of Duty is reveals a month or so away from E3. Looking suspiciously like another game on this list, even. Not that that’s a bad thing. In Treyarch we trust.



Magicka: Wizard Wars Montage Trailer


A great 80’s inspired trailer for Magicka’s multiplayer madness. If you’ve never played Magicka, you are truly missing out on one of the funniest, most entertaining RPGs in awhile. Putting the spell making systems through its paces via multiplayer is a whole new barrel of spell-slinging monkeys..



Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Trailer


This high quality (and spoilery) cinematic for the upcoming expansion to FF 14. If Square does anything right, its make pretty trailers. Not to take away from the game proper – by all accounts it’s an excellent MMO.



Guitar Hero Live


The reveal trailer for the inevitable reboot of the influential rhythm game. Going a completely new direction is the key to this game standing out amongst its longtime rival, Rock Band.



The Witcher 3 TV Spot


Geralt is the hero we deserve, but since The Witcher 3 was pushed out of March earlier this year, he’s not the one we need right now. May 19th couldn’t come any faster.


Star Wars Battlefront Reveal


The reveal that sent the Internet into an immediate meltdown. The visual direction seems to be taking notes from the upcoming movie, in that it’s attempting to gain that “practical effects” feel to the modeling and action. I’m tentatively excited.


What was your favorite trailer this month? Leave a comment below or tweet @CurseGamepedia with your picks!