9 of the Best Video Game Pets

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If there’s anything we often have in common with our favorite video game characters, it’s our shared love of animal companions. Whether they are practical partners to ease the burden of travel or simply there to keep us company, good pets in video games often fill similar roles as real life pets. Except, video games let pets do even cooler things, like fly.

9. Nintendog


The most “pet” pet on this list, a Nintendog’s sole purpose is to mimic the experience of having a furry pet without the need to walk or bathe it. Cleaning these digital dogs only requires a few button presses, and any walking you do is of no fecal consequence – nary a scoopable poop in sight. You could poke and prod your pet with the stylus via the DS’s touch screen, and shout loving commands to it thought the device’s on board mic. It was great for kids, people with allergies, and aspiring cat lady’s alike. Nowadays, they can help you out in a round a Smash Bros. Good dog!


8. Lamarr the Headcrab (Half-Life 2)

There are plenty of great, productive uses for biological research on aliens in the unfortunate future of Half-Life 2. I really don’t know if Lamarr can be included in that. Once a lethal and insidious member of the Headcrab species, Lamarr was “de-beaked.”

That is, its barbs – normally used to attach itself to human hosts brain’s and hijack their nervous systems – were removed and with it, poor Lamarr’s whole purpose for living. Now, she lives as a semi-domesticated companion to Dr. Isaac Kleiner, fulfilling her role as a really mean prank every time friendlies approach his lab.


7. Roach (The Witcher 3)

Geralt is a well-traveled witcher who has built an inseparable bond with his horse, lovingly named Roach.

At a mere whistle, Roach comes galloping in on the scene, ready to whisk the White Wolf away on his next gnarly adventure. Geralt is so attached to Roach that every time his horse meets its untimely end, he names the new one Roach. Some folks just can’t let it go.


6. Interceptor (Final Fantasy 6)

So, say you’re a lonely, vagrant ninja who would kill his own mama for a nickel. You can imagine that your life is profoundly lonely. Your contact with other humans is fleeting, usually only initialized by the promise of money. Even then, you leave when you feel you’ve earned your keep, which almost always leaves you with more enemies.

The only sort of creature that can probably relate to you is a vicious killer hound that is as cold and focused as you. Interceptor is that to Shadow – his friend, his protector, and his weapon.



5. Dogmeat (Fallout 3)

Dogs are insanely loyal, especially after a devastating nuclear apocalypse. Your Vault Dweller learns that quickly in the Capital Wasteland, when he meets the wondering Dogmeat, who is super pumped to find you ammo, water, and just generally be near you. As the attachment becomes mutual, you tend to keep him home so that he doesn’t fall victim to a stray mini-nuke in one of your outings.

4. Yoshi (Mario Series)


So, a noble equine steed is normally the chosen mount of a gallant hero. When that noble knight is actually a plumber, there’s room for improv. Enter Yoshi, the omnivorous dragon/dinosaur. He can change shape and color depending on his food. He can grow wings and spit fire if need be. He also has some pretty sweet sneakers. What is Yoshi but the perfect all-terrain, all-adventure vehicle?


3. The Blob (A Boy and His Blob)

So a blob leaves its home and heads for Earth, hoping to find someone who can help him save his homeworld. It settles for a little boy, and the pair become fast friends.

Outside of mutual admiration for one another’s customs and physiques, the two bring the best out of each other in order to solve the incredibly inconvenient puzzles littering Blobonia. By bring the best out of each other, I mean the boy feeds the blob different flavored jelly beans, and it transforms into a parachute, anvil, ladder, and more. There is a hug button, though, which serves no actual purpose beyond a quick cuddle.


2. Boko (Final Fantasy 5)

Generally speaking, chocobos are the do-all beast of burden in the Final Fantasy series. They are farm animals, steeds for transportation, power sources, and even bred for sport and hobby. If there was any chocobo that was characteristically more friendly, reliable, and useful, its Final Fantasy 5’s Boko, the trusty travelling companion of protagonist Butz.

Boko has been Butz’s getaway vehicle when things got hairy, literally pulling him out of a wreckage to bring him to safety. He’s also Butz’s greatest confidant, being his ear to listen to his thoughts while alone on the trail.


1. B.A.D.A.S.S. (Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon)

The Battle Armored Dragon Assault Strike System is less a pet and more of an Commando-era fever dream of a weapon. Armed with crazy devices like the “Terror 4000 Cannon” and the fact that it’s covered in titanium supports that claim. But it is also sentient and blood thirsty, something that would make BADASS something for the player to fear if you were in possession of the Killstar, the only thing that can control it (obviously).

BADASS is full of excellent 80’s flavored one liners and that flippant, grizzly attitude that makes you wonder why it’s not also wearing a leather jacket.

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