Edge of Space – Now Live on Steam!

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Gaming News

Edge of Space is a multiplayer 2D sandbox survival game set in deep space, with the goal of terraforming a world back to life. Developed by HandyMan Studios, the game is now available on Steam! Gamepedia is the official wiki for Edge of Space.

Players wake up out of deep cryo-sleep after an unknown amount of time, as recruits for ArkCo, with only knowledge of the company’s technology on their side. The world of Edge of Space is set to work against players. In order to survive, players must explore, gather materials and create living environments, making this a true player versus environment game.

In addition, Edge of Space features reactive space combat, dynamic crafting, terraforming, player vehicles, co-op weapons, events, rewarded exploration, non-linear advancement and much more! Edge of Space may be found here on Steam and launches with support on both Windows and Mac, with Linux to follow.