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ARK Tribe Week

Are you searching for a Tribe on ARK? Is your current Tribe looking to recruit new members? This week on Gamepedia, host of the Official ARK Wiki, we’re hosting ARK Tribe Week, a five-day event focusing on Tribe recruitment, management, and more. In addition to loads of editorial content and an expanded Tribe wiki page, we’re proud to present the ARK Tribe Directory, where players can submit their Tribes to be listed on the wiki and receive a custom Tribe wiki page.

As the week progresses, we’ll discover what makes an ARK Tribe successful, how to recruit new Tribe members, and how some of the top ARK Tribes battled in PvP to win (or lose) it all. 

The Tribe Directory on Gamepedia is divided into Official and Unofficial servers. Players can submit their tribes through our submission form or manually add their information to the Directory. If you choose to use the form, your Tribe information will be added to the Directory and wiki page will be created in a timely manner. If you’re looking to grow your Tribe, the Directory is the perfect place to find new recruits!

Submit Official Server Tribe     |     Submit Unofficial Server Tribe

While you wait for more Tribes to be submitted to the new Directory, there’s plenty of ARK-related content to explore! We’ve added the most up-to-date information to our Tribe wiki page, including Governance options and the benefits of being in a Tribe. As our wikis are community efforts, feel free to contribute your own Tribe knowledge or information!

Stay tuned for more ARK content, and join the conversation in the comment section below or with @CurseGamepedia on Twitter!

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