ARK Tribes that Tamed Single-Species Armies, From T-Rex to Raptors

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ARK Tribe Raptor Army

Tribes that build giant, terrifying dinosaur armies are some of the most fearsome and powerful in the game. Having a wide variety of creatures tamed within your base walls is a sign of power and experience – but what about Tribes that decide to focus on a single creature species?

Below, we’ll look at three Tribes that decided to build armies with a single type of creature, and we’ll see how well they fare in combat. This article is a part of ARK Tribe Week, a five day promotion surrounding Tribes in ARK and the new Tribe Directory on the Official ARK Wiki.

When a T-Rex Army Attacks

The mighty Tyrannosaurus is one of the deadliest creatures in ARK, and facing a single Rex can be terrifying. So, what would you do if an entire Rex Army appeared on your doorstep? The below Tribe decided to exact revenge on their rivals with a mass of aggressive, angry dinos.

Aerial Argentavis Army Revenge

In the name of justice, the below Tribe used their Argentavis army to payback a Tribe that had been destroying other Tribe’s bases. These short-tempered, aerial creatures have quite a lot of Stamina, and they are useful for attacking bases that are farther away. These six scavengers are joined by a single Pteranodon, one of the more common species in ARK.

The Rise and Fall of Raptors

The Utahraptor is an aggressive, fast creature with sharp teeth and curved talons. Though a smaller dino, their quick speed and decent damage output make Raptors the perfect species for a giant army. The below players created a giant army of 21 Raptors that spread havoc across the island – until being decimated by more powerful dinosaurs.

Would you create a Tribe that only tamed a single type of creature? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @CurseGamepedia. As a bonus, the below video contains an army battle we all can appreciate – 60 Dodos engaging in a bloody, vicious war.