ARK Tribe Week Recap and Tribe Highlights

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Gaming News

This week has been ARK Tribe Week on Gamepedia, and we’ve pointed all of our spotlights on Tribes in ARK: Survival Evolved. In addition to expanding our Tribes wiki page and producing Tribe-focused articles, we unveiled our new ARK Tribe Directory on the Official ARK Wiki. This week, we’ve had over 140 Tribes submitted to the Directory, providing Tribes and new players with a centralized place to connect.

Both the Official Server Tribe Directory and Unofficial Server Tribe Directory list a myriad of Tribes, each with their own unique focuses. From PvE to PvP, the Tribe Directory provides a variety of options for those looking to join an ARK Tribe. Even though ARK Tribe Week is coming to a close, the Directory will continue to grow, and players are still welcome to add or submit their Tribes.

JurEx Tribe

Screenshot from JurEx Tribe Page

If you’ve already submitted your Tribe to the Directory or if you’re planning to submit, Gamepedia’s Help Wiki is a great place for tips and tutorials on wiki editing. You can turn your standard Tribe page into a thorough resource for your community, as seen with the JurEx Tribe Page. This Tribe page has been outfitted with screenshots, a membership roster, and other useful Tribe information. If you’re looking for a new Tribe on Official EU PvE Server 262, check our JurEx’s wiki page! The TroubledSouls Tribe Page has also done a great job of including screenshots, adding useful Tribe information, and listing their server information.

Our Tribes wiki page was expanded this week to include information on Governance Options and other useful Tribe information. Be sure to look to the wiki once Tribe Alliances and Tribe Wars are added to the game!

Our articles this week included Tribe feature suggestions from the community, a focus on Tribes that tame single-species armies, and a first-person narrative of a dangerous situation between two rival Tribes. (Check out the links at the bottom of the article!) We’ve had a lot of fun discussing Tribes with you this week, and we look forward to watching Tribes grow and progress in the game.

As you continue to explore the island of ARK, make sure to utilize the Official ARK Wiki for all of your game-related needs. If you aren’t familiar with ARK, but you’re interested in experience the game in Early Access, check out this exciting title on Steam.