Achievements, Gamepedia’s Newest Feature

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Gaming News

Looking for a little recognition for your awesome wiki contributions? Want to show off how many edits and hours you’ve poured into your favorite wiki? Gamepedia is proud to present our newest feature, Achievements. You can learn more about this new extension on the Help Wiki’s Achievements page.

Each wiki will have around 100 base achievements for regular wiki tasks, such as making edits, uploading images, and more. Wiki admins have the ability to create custom achievements (and edit the default ones) to truly personalize the wiki they help moderate. A full list of wiki-specific achievements can be seen here.

Additionally, there are several mega achievements that will be displayed across all wikis on Gamepedia. These impressive feats include reaching wikipoint milestones, editing your user profile, and logging in several days consecutively. A list of mega achievements can be seen here.

There are even a few secret achievements!

To learn more about this new feature, check out the Achievements page on the Help Wiki. If you have any feedback or questions regarding the extension, check out the Discussion page.