‘America’s Next Top Model’: Who is Runway Coach Stacey McKenzie?

Lawrence Yee

Move over Miss Jay. There’s a new runway coach on America’s Next Top Model. Enter Stacey McKenzie.

For the second cycle in a row, the Canadian supermodel has served as runway coach to the contestants. On Tuesday’s episode, McKenzie help the 15 finalists navigate a challenging catwalk — a skateboard park in Venice Beach, Calif. But before she judged them, she showed them how it’s done.

Here are five fun facts about Stacey McKenzie:

She’s a Top Model Regular

Prior to Cycle 24, McKenzie appeared twice in Cycle 23, coaching the aspiring models on how to hit their marks. During a music video challenge, contestant Marissa mouthed off to her, leading to a tense confrontation.

Previously, McKenzie served as a judge on the international spin-off, Canada’s Next Top Model.

She’s Jamaican-Canadian

While Canada is where she grew up, McKenzie was born in Kingston, Jamaica. The self-proclaimed “island girl” visits the country often, and documents her trips home via Instagram.

In fact, Vogue named her one of five Jamaican models to change the world.

She’s a supermodel

LIke ANTM host Tyra Banks, McKenzie moved to Paris, France to model for top designers including Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler, and Christian Lacroix.

The freckle-faced beauty is probably best known for a series of CK One ads during the ’90s, and continues to model to this day.

She’s a Philanthropist

McKenzie has given back to the community in a number of ways.

In 2005, she founded the Walk This Way Workshop, inspiring hopefuls in North America and the Caribbean to pursue careers in the fashion and pairing them with industry mentors.

This July, she plans on reprising her Walk Camp in Toronto, empowering and educating youth about beauty and wellness.

She Appeared in One of the Biggest Sci-Fi Films of All Time

One of McKenzie’s earliest on-screen roles was as a flight attendant in 1997’s hit The Fifth Element. She briefed Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) before his introduction to reporter Ruby Rhod (Chris Tucker).

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