Aquaman Vs Khal Drogo: Who Would Win in a Fight?

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For Jason Momoa, it’s simple. The actor plays both aquatic superhero Aquaman in the latest DC movie to hit screens and Dothraki warrior Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, but he was not in the least bit uncertain about who would emerge triumphant should Arthur Curry and Drogo ever find themselves forced to go head-to-head. Scratch that; he totally did a 180 when we pressed him – though only to appease us. You can watch Jason Momoa’s verdict in the video below. In the meantime, we dive right into the Aquaman vs Khal Drogo fight, taking into account everything at each character’s disposal, and their biggest weaknesses.


Drogo is a master with his arakh weapon. According to Jorah Mormont, Dothraki blades “are more scythe than sword… the better to cull the infantry ranks without breaking stride.” It’s curved, which gives it an edge over a standard sword in many situations, although they are long so they’re better used out in the open rather than confined spaces. The arakh is also really effective if the wielder is on horseback.

Aquaman, meanwhile, not only comes equipped with a fearsome trident, but he also knows how to use it. A sequence in the film shows him learning trident skills with mentor Nuidis Vulko, played by Willem Dafoe — a bit like the scene in Highlander in which Sean Connery’s Egyptian Immortal, Juan-Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez, trains Christopher Lambert’s wet-behind-the-ears Connor MacLeod in swordplay. But while Aquaman’s trident might be longer, it takes either a stabbing motion or spear-type throw to be effective — in which time Drogo has swept past on his steed and scythed a discombobulated Arthur across the middle.

Verdict: Drogo wins.


Aquaman is a superhero. Which means he has all the usual kinds of enhanced powers, including superhuman strength. The kind of strength that enables him to lift an entire submarine over his head. He’s also extremely resilient, resisting blows from adversaries like Steppenwolf and Kryptonians. In Aquaman, he also survives a blast from Black Manta’s optical beams.

Khal, meanwhile, means ‘warlord’. Drogo is a barbarian from a brutal race of people whose raison d’être is to kill and conquer. As such, he has incredible brute strength and formidable combat skills. Drogo was an undefeated warrior, and in Viserys’ words: “He’s a savage, of course, but he’s one of the finest killers alive.” Indeed, he killed Viserys by pouring molten gold on his head. If that isn’t a fine way to kill someone, well…

But when it comes to Aquaman vs Khal Drogo, while Drogo might put up a good fight mano a mano, if Aquaman really wanted to defeat the Khal, he’d almost certainly win out.

Verdict: Aquaman wins.

Special Powers

While Drogo has no superhuman ability beyond being in peak physical shape, the same can’t be said of his significant other, Daenerys. As Mother of Dragons, she is impervious to fire — which is a pretty useful ability to have. Although perhaps not when it comes to joining the fight against Aquaman who spends a lot of his time in the water.

Aside from Aquaman’s enhanced abilities of speed, strength, endurance, and so on — which, let’s face it, are pretty significant — Arthur also has the power to survive underwater. Which is a great way of evading any threat from the likes of Khal Drogo. In the words of Jason Momoa, Drogo is “afraid of water.”

Verdict: Aquaman wins.


On that note, Drogo while alive had the loyal support of his wife, Daenerys. She’s proven herself a firm but fair leader, and a smart strategist. She also has fire-breathing dragons at her command which would come in very handy against Aquaman. Unless, of course, he’s underwater at the time of fighting. Drogo also commanded an unusually large khalasar – his tribe – of around 40,000 loyal followers and warriors who he would be able to rely on to rally against Aquaman.

Game of Thrones-Khal Drogo
Khal Drogo has the support of 40,000.

But, of course, Arthur Curry can talk to fish. So there’s that. In Aquaman, as a child we see him calling a shark to his aid. Shark versus Drogo? That’s a tough call. But ultimately, if Drogo stays away from water, he’s got this one. Even if Mera, who as an Atlantean possesses similar abilities to Aquaman, were to come to Arthur’s aid.

Verdict: Drogo wins.


Drogo was left in a catatonic state at the hands of the maegi, Mirri Maz Duur, who was enslaved by Drogo’s khalasar and who promised to heal him after his fight with Mago, a rider in his army. However, she clearly wasn’t to be trusted. Daenerys commits a mercy killing on her husband – she smothers him with a pillow — to put him out of his misery. Which suggests that neither Drogo nor Daenerys are particularly good judges of character, and Drogo pays the ultimate price.

Aquaman’s main weakness — aside from his need to retreat to water once in a while to preserve his strength — would probably be his sense of loyalty. The film is left with his brother and opponent Orm (Patrick Wilson) being led away, but you suspect that Arthur would very readily take him into his trust despite the events of the film. And that could be his undoing.

Verdict: A tie – neither has a great track record when it comes to judging and trusting people.

Taking all of the above into account, Aquaman vs Khal Drogo would ultimately result in… a draw.

Watch what Jason Momoa has to say about this epic face-off in the video above. Aquaman hits screens in the UK on December 12, the US on December 21 and Australia on December 26.

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