‘Arrow’ Bids Farewell to Main Cast Member in Game-Changing Season Finale

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SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers from the Arrow episode “Life Sentence.” Proceed with caution.

Arrow picked up right where it left off, with all the teams combined to bring Diaz down, including FBI Agent Watson. They raided the compromised police headquarters and arrested every single one of Diaz‘s men, except Diaz. The rest of the finale was spent looking for Diaz’s secret hideout.

Sadly, the quest for Diaz claimed the life of a key character. Let’s jump into the biggest and saddest moments of the episode.

Bringing Diaz Down

Ricardo Diaz Arrow Season 6 Finale

Diaz was able to escape the raid with the help of Anatoly. While Team Arrow was looking for him, he assembled a new team called the Longbow Hunters. In the comics, Diaz or the Dragon, as he was known, also ran the Longbow Hunters.

When Team Arrow zeroed in on Diaz’s location, it turned out to be a trap — a trap that could have blown up Rene and Watson. Rene, thinking he was a goner, called his daughter one last time to say goodbye. Rene and Watson made it out alive, thankfully.

Diaz and Oliver later engaged in one of the most epic final battles Arrow has ever done. They fought on a roof, as is Arrow tradition, and the musical score swelled around them as Oliver planted an arrow firmly in his chest. Black Siren took her shot and blasted Diaz right off the roof. He got away, but Oliver was able to hack his files to restore the city.

Saying Goodbye

Quentin Lance Arrow Season 6 Finale

Because Oliver confessed all to Watson, she agreed to work alongside the local authorities. This included the newly christened Mayor Lance. Lance signed over municipal authority to her and gave her the power she required to bring Diaz down.

Diaz still had a card to play against Lance, however, since he was holding Black Siren hostage. Watson decided to use Black Siren as leverage, as a way to find Diaz. Lance agreed but then double played the FBI so he could be taken directly to Siren.

Lance had cleverly told Oliver about his pacemaker, which was trackable. Lance was then thrown into a cell with Black Siren and shot by Diaz. Diaz then tried to shoot Siren, but Team Arrow came in guns blazing. Together, Siren and Canary carried Lance out to safety. What a powerfully healing moment for two women who spent the whole season at odds with each other.

Lance ended up in the hospital, and he and Oliver shared some kind words before Lance was sent into surgery. Sara Lance came to visit her dad in the hospital as well, unfortunately she didn’t get to say goodbye as he died.

Lance has been a core member of the show all six seasons of Arrow. He has been the best father on this show, to each of these characters. The show will feel hollow without him next season, that is guaranteed. RIP.

Making Amends

Team Arrow

Throughout this season, Oliver and Diggle came to blows a few times over who would wear the Green Arrow suit. In this episode, Oliver made Diggle his own suit. Diggle passed on the suit offer however, because he knew that Oliver was meant to wear it.

Oliver also took the time to make amends with Rene. They suffered a great split this season, especially when Rene agreed to testify against Oliver to regain custody of his daughter. In this episode, Oliver apologized for judging Rene and encouraged him that he belonged in Star City.

Oliver also had a private word with Lance. Oliver asked, nay, he begged Lance to trust him. Lance admitted to having a pacemaker and Oliver admitted to fooling the lie detector test back in Season 1. It was a sweet moment between men who have grown much closer over the years.

Oliver’s Deal

Team Arrow

Oliver also apologized to Dinah Drake, who admitted that she admired him more than he could know. When Felicity noticed Oliver making so many apologies, she asked him about the “other thing” Watson wanted from Oliver. Did he have to give up being the Green Arrow to guarantee everyone’s immunity?

Oliver admitted to Lance that there was a penance for losing the city — for doing things the wrong way. Lance and Oliver had another tender moment here, with Oliver admitting that Lance was a great dad, not just to Laurel, or Sara, but to him.

Watson then came to collect Oliver’s debt: a life sentence for bodies dropped at the hands of the Green Arrow. Oliver was handcuffed and carted away as he found out about Lance’s death. Sara broke down in Felicity’s arms, and Oliver was carried away.

Thankfully, Oliver got one last chance to say goodbye to his wife, Felicity, and his son, William. Oliver was then brought before the public to admit that he was, once and for all, the Green Arrow. He then put a out a public call for his friends to complete his mission, to save Star City.

The episode concluded with Diaz watching Oliver’s announcement on the news and Oliver taking his place in prison with a lot of men who know who he is and want to kill him. Next season will sure be interesting. Let’s just call it the second revival of Prison Break.

Arrow will return to The CW on a new night and time, Mondays at 9PM, this fall.

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