‘Arrow’ Season 6 Trailer Amps Up the New Team Rivalries

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The Arrow winter finale left the team divided and the team will continue to be divided when the show returns this week. A team of villains will also rise up this season, as Cayden James has assembled a rogues gallery of baddies including Black Siren, Vigilante, Richard Dragon and Anatoly. In this new trailer, which comes via Stephen Amell, it appears that three teams will be fighting each other this season and Cayden will have the upper hand for the time being. Let’s break it down:


If Season 5 was all about building trust, Season 6 is about destroying it and then hopefully rebuilding it. After Dinah, Renee and Curtis discovered Oliver was spying on them — and that Renee had sold Oliver out — they left Team Arrow. Oliver also discovered Dinah was secretly seeing her ex-fiance, Vigilante. Multiple elements of trust were broken in the winter finale episode, “Irreconcilable Differences,” and this is where we’ll reconnect with the teams when the show returns with the episode “Divided.”

This broken trust is exactly what Cayden James wants. He can exploit every weakness, every fracture in the foundation of Team Arrow. You can even hear him say that Star City’s infrastructure belongs to him. That is a powerful metaphor for what’s happening to Team Arrow as well. We know that Oliver, Felicity and Diggle‘s relationship has a bedrock foundation. They have been an immovable force for over six years. It’s the newbies that fell victim to Cayden’s division. Based on the trailer, these divisions will last longer than just one episode.

“We Fall”

Arrow Dinah Drake

The trailer also shows some of the darker sides of the team. In all honesty, we don’t know Dinah that well, and it would appear that she has a dark side. There’s a line where Lance tells her that “no one deserves to die.” She counters him by saying “you’re wrong.” It’s clear that Dinah is not walking the line of the law here, but the line of a Vigilante — like she was before Team Arrow found her. In the midst of a divided Team Arrow, there are the chances that Cayden’s team could split — especially since Anatoly and Oliver used to be friends and Black Siren has been spending more time with Lance. Lance even says in the trailer, “I think I just saw my daughter in her eyes.” Could we see a fourth team develop or character even switch sides?

So what is ahead this season? An all-out war? Another egomaniac trying to rule Star City? Prison time for Oliver? Little William learning how to become a superhero? Let us know your thoughts and hopes for the rest of this season.

Arrow airs Thursdays on The CW at 9PM.

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