14 Arrowverse Characters Who Should’ve Gotten a Spin-Off, Like, Yesterday

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SPOILER ALERT: Warning, this article contains mild spoilers for several Arrowverse shows. Proceed at your own risk.

The Arrowverse is full of great characters. From Oliver Queen to Barry Allen, there is no larger TV universe with more compelling characters. In fact, this universe — with its many Earths — has supplied audiences with so many fascinating and captivating characters that we’ve compiled a list of characters and teams that unequivocally deserve their own spin-off shows.

1. Mon-El and the Legion of Super-Heroes

When Mon-El returned to Supergirl in Season 3, he brought his wife, Imra, and Brainiac-5. Their addition to the series felt like organic preparation for a Mon-El spin-off series. The Legionnaires’ arrival in present-day National City also could have opened the door for a futuristic action-adventure series where they beat the Blight — and there’d be no need to provide an origin story since this team is already set. A Legion of Super-Heroes series, led by Mon El, would fit perfectly within the Arrowverse.

2. The Justice Society of America

Like the Legion of Super-Heroes, the Justice Society of America is just begging for its own spin-off. With iconic characters like Rex Tyler, Courtney (aka Stargirl), and Amaya, these heroes can’t be topped. While the team was eventually dispersed through time, going back to the formation of the group in a period drama would make an ideal action series. And with their relation to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, there would be plenty of crossover fodder for seasons to come.

3. Gypsy

Although The Flash‘s Cisco is still mending his broken heart, audiences have been led to believe that Gypsy and her Earth-19 collectors haven’t stopped chasing Breachers through the multiverse. Known for her tough take-no-flack exterior and secret vulnerability, Gypsy is quite a compelling character. An action series about inter-dimensional bounty hunters chasing down individuals with meta-human powers led by a powerful, layered, and charismatic woman is an opportunity that should not be missed.

4. Nyssa al Ghul

Imagine Hogwarts, but instead of learning to wave a wand or ride a broomstick, students are taught martial arts and various methods of murder on Nanda Parbat. Although Nyssa disbanded the League of Assassins in Arrow Season 4, it’s sad to imagine that her incredible skills are being used elsewhere. Nyssa’s stealth, hand-to-hand combat abilities, and determination would be wasted if she didn’t build her own League-style organization and train others to fight for good. SYFY’s Deadly Class doesn’t need to be the only assassin school series on TV.

5. Syonide

RIP, Syonide, we hardly knew you. Tobias’ right-hand woman, surrogate daughter, and deadliest assassin on Black Lightning was also the most enigmatic member of his team. Her unique fashion sense and nearly indomitable skills were obvious, yet audiences barely uncovered her backstory. Who was this beautiful and deadly fighter and how did her story unfold? Let’s get a fuller picture of her personality, abilities, and wardrobe in a coming-of-age action series like Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger.

6. Ava Sharpe and the Time Bureau

We’ve seen what the Time Masters of the future look like, but what about an entire series following the modern era of the Time Bureau? With the fearless Ava Sharpe at the helm, the Bureau will always be in great and capable hands. Through the third season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Ava grew from a bureaucratic stick-in-the-mud into a lovable ally. In fact, her character is so versatile that there’d be a couple options for a spin-off series: A Fringelike mystery drama where Ava and Gary carry out missions (starting with getting rid of the clones), or a quirky workplace comedy à la The Office. Either way, we’d get more Ava.

7. Suicide Squad

In Arrow Season 2, a compelling crew of criminals was brought together by the late Amanda Waller to form a well-known group called the Suicide Squad. That episode could have conveniently doubled as a backdoor pilot, with Diggle acting as the crew’s moral compass while A.R.G.U.S. toyed with the lives of Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, and Shrapnel. That dynamic could prove what the Suicide Squad always proves: Sometimes you need some bad guys to do something good. Ideally, a spin-off about this group of antiheroes would include more than just a tiny Harley Quinn cameo.

8. Samantha Arias

Samantha Arias was a breath of fresh air when she joined Supergirl in Season 3. The single mom and her precocious daughter, Ruby, grounded their new friends and provided platonic companionship to a group of powerful women. Quite intelligent herself, Sam was hired as CEO of L-Corp before her powers started to manifest and she emerged as the deadly villain Reign. After defeating Reign and restoring Sam to sanity, it’s been said that she and Ruby relocated to Metropolis. Were viewers able to follow their new journey in a spin-off series, they might see a witty Gilmore Girls-style dramedy where Sam continues her high-pressure work for L-Corp as Ruby navigates her way through a new high school.

9. Becky Sharpe

Some of the most interesting meta-human powers on The Flash belonged to Becky Sharpe, aka Hazard, whose entire life was unlucky until that fateful day on the bus. But consider what Becky would be like had DeVoe never taken her over, stealing her powers and eventually killing her. After some training, it’s possible that Becky might learn to control her luck and not selfishly keep it, opening the possibility for her to use it to help others in a drama mystery series like The Pretender.

10. Peter Gambi

Although we’ve seen a younger Gambi in flashbacks acting as a spotter for the A.S.A., his combat skills — along with his science and tech knowledge — leave much of his backstory to be unexplored. How was he recruited to the A.S.A.? What was his training like, what kind of missions did he go on before the vaccine was administered? Also, just when did he learn to tailor? Set in a time before Gambi ever met Jefferson Pierce, a young Gambi prequel series crafted in the style of Alias could be a true treat for fans.

11. Alena

Viewers got a taste of Alena when she entered Felicity Smoak ’s life on Arrow during Season 5. The computer hacker became both a confidant and competitor as she inducted Felicity into the hacktivist group Helix — but what more do we know about Alena? Alena’s intentions weren’t malicious, and with the lack of women in STEM, some might consider a woman with her passion and skills a role model. Perhaps what Alena needs is a Mr. Robotstyle prequel series following her through her early days, where she made new hacktivist friends, was put through tests and triumphs, and eventually earned her place within Helix.

12. Leo and Ray on Earth-X

Leo Snart ray terrill Arrowverse

After defeating the Nazis, how are the Freedom Fighters and newlyweds Leo and Ray handling life on Earth-X? A fan-favorite couple, these two deserve to have more episodes. Leo’s too-brief cameo on The Flash Season 4 left viewers wanting more. While dystopian future dramas are quite common these days, watching Leo, Ray, and the Freedom Fighters help free prisoners from the camps on Earth-X could be a hit — and reminiscent of the gritty and futuristic, albeit short-lived, series Dark Angel.

13. Amunet Black

Although Amunet’s transformation from flight attendant to meta-human villain was quickly documented on The Flash, her first months as a crime boss (and working her way up the criminal ladder) have never been depicted. Once viewers met her in Season 4, Amunet was already at the top of her game, employing and manipulating Killer Frost to do her bidding while running her business like a pro. A successful spin-off angle might follow her journey through the streets of Central City in a gritty Queen of the Southtype miniseries.

14. Beebo

Certainly the fluffiest character on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Beebo won over the audience with equal parts Teddy Ruxpin-like cuteness and Furby-like creepiness. But what’s really going on with this creature? After a run-in with the Legends, Beebo is ready to jump through time, visiting historical and future cultures, righting wrongs and saving the day. Beebo Who has a nice ring to it — eh, Doctor?

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