Arrowverse Crossover Will Be “Game-Changing” for All Four Series

Kim Taylor-Foster
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Arrow chief Marc Guggenheim opened up about this year’s Arrowverse crossover at San Diego Comic-Con while promoting Season 6 of the long-running show. He shared that he was due to go in and pitch the story idea that the team have come up with for the fourth annual Arrowverse crossover to the studio on Monday this week. The crossover story typically straddles all of the Arrowverse TV series, with each series tackling a part of the same story.

“If we end up doing the story that we’re [pitching], I think it will be bigger than last year’s,” he said.

Last year’s crossover was a story involving an alien invasion, with Arrow’s episode picking up part three of the four-part narrative. The story began at the end of Supergirl episode “Medusa”, with The Flash continuing part two of the story before things came to a head in DC’s Legends of Tomorrowpart four. Collectively, the crossover was called “Invasion!”

Guggenheim feels that they set the bar so high they really weren’t sure if they could come up with a concept to outdo it.

“Quite frankly, we really went into the crossover discussions for this year without a lot of confidence that we could beat aliens,” he said. “How do you top aliens? But I actually think we’ve got an idea that is even bigger and cooler than aliens; and at the same time, we’ve got some really big emotional moves that are going to happen. So, the crossover will be something that is really game-changing for all four shows.”

More Supergirl

He also teased that in this year’s crossover, we’ll see much more of Supergirl.

“You have to understand, last year we didn’t build the production situation to do the crossover knowing that Supergirl was going to be on the CW, so this year we are. This year, it’s a true four-way crossover. Last year was really a three-way crossover with Supergirl kind of kissing in.”

Showrunner Wendy Mericle also gave fans an insight into the story they’ve pitched, telling EW at SDCC: “It’s going to be very much rooted in the DCU. It’s going to be an epic story that I think fans will be really excited about, particularly comic book fans”.

Guggenheim added, “I’m really excited about the title.”

Season 6 of Arrow premieres on October 12.

Kim Taylor-Foster
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