‘Attack on Titan’ Season 2 Teaser Just Dropped and It’s Insane

Zuleika Boekhoudt
TV Anime
TV Anime

Wit Studio and Kodansha Comics just gave Attack on Titan fans an early Christmas present. Funimation has just uploaded a teaser trailer showing off the first scenes of Attack On Titan season two.

The trailers are region blocked, so for US viewers, check this one out:

UK/European viewers play this one:

When we last saw Eren and the rest of the Survey Corps Scouts, a little surprise was hiding behind the wall. However, the teaser only shows how insane the second season will be. Nevertheless, fans will quickly notice a few things in this epic teaser.

New Titans and New Characters

The most obvious thing jumping off the screen is the new Beast Titan throwing a horse and small sharp-toothed Titan hollowing on other Titan’s flesh. In the last episodes of the previous seasons, fans found out that Annie Leonhart – a member of the Military Police Brigade – was the female Titan. This brings into question whether there are more Titans disguising as humans. And while all the Titans that fans saw last season are set to destroy humanity, it seems that the Beast Titan is more caring and is actually protecting the Wall’s citizens. However, throwing a horse at someone does make you doubt the Beast Titan’s intentions.

The other Titan that would certainly grab fan’s eyes is the imp-looking mindless beast tearing into the other Titans’ flesh. Which, once again, call into question what its motives for attacking the humanoid may be.

These new Titans and characters are not new to manga fans. However, for fans following the anime adaptation, prepare yourself for several plot twists. Not only will the new season incorporate several key features of the manga, but it will also give gore fans the bloody and gritty visuals that have made Attack on Titan an international success.

Eren vs. The Armored Titan

The first time anime fans saw The Armored Titan, it was during the breach of Wall Maria. Now, it has returned and shows its immense power by sending a transformed Eren flying with just one punch. Consequently, Eren’s journey in defeating the Titans will be a tough one if he gets knocked out by just a single punch.

The new season of Attack On Titan will premiere in April 2017.


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