How The Avengers Were Really Assembled

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We all love us some MCU Avengers action, and, statistically speaking, so do you. Watching Cap and Tony and Spidey (we like to think we have an informal relationship) just gets that adrenaline up, doesn’t it? But it’s a long journey from ‘We’re making a superhero movie’ to ‘Come watch our superhero movie’.

You don’t need us to tell you that movies take a lot of effort and a lot of people — we’ve all sat through those incredibly long credits to see 20 seconds of additional footage. What you might not know is how important each of those people are to making the movie happen. That’s why we’ve made this series of behind-the-scenes videos to fill you in on what happens off-camera to actually get these movies made, from financing to CGI to whatever the heck a gaffer is.


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Avengers Assemble! In…. several months. The journey from approval to release starts with pre-production, where a whole bunch of the work required to make a film happen — long before any actors even show up. Whether it’s the arduous task of raising the required $200 million (minimum) budget to make the thing or hiring 300 people to work in the art department to help build the vision, all of it is necessary to bring the Avengers to the big screen. Check out our video to find out more!


Done with all the pre-production and have a complete vision of what’s about to happen? Well, don’t get attached because things can change pretty drastically during production (cough Justice League cough). But what kind of production are we talking about here? Who’s the guy shouting ‘Action’, who catches Scarlett Johansson when she leaps off screen, and seriously – what the heck is a gaffer? Take a look at our video and sate that curiosity.


It’s a wrap! A wrap for the production crew that is – the director and producer need to keep this party going, Post-production has evolved enormously over the years, and thankfully, editors don’t (usually) need to manually cut the feel reels and tape them back together to build a cut. But it’s not just the team on the cutting room floor – there’s also the special effects guys responsible for turning Sean Gunn into a wise-talkin’, Bradley Cooper-soundin’ raccoon, the sound and foley guys making it all music to your ears, and even the marketing team who keep you hyped. Check out our video above for more info!

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