If ‘Infinity War’ Follows the Comic, It’s Going To Be a Bloodbath

Joseph Wilbur
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Avengers: Infinity War is rapidly approaching, and with it, the likely last appearance of many of our favorite characters from the previous 18 Marvel Cinematic Universe films. However, the way the most noted MCU heroes exit the stage, and who will leave is still a mystery. But if the movie follows the comics closely enough, we have some clues that indicate which characters will meet their end, and which ones will live to fight another day. And it’s not going to be pretty.

Captain America, He’s Already Dead

Well, not literally, but the Captain America we know and love died following the events of Civil War. And from what we’ve seen of Infinity War so far, Steve Rogers will likely go by a new alter ego, Nomad – a new name he adopted in the comics after he gave up on the U.S. government.

So what are his chances? In the comic book series that the movie is based on (at least in name), Captain America is one of the many, many deaths that occur at the hands of the movie’s big bad, Thanos. In a failed plan involving Silver Surfer, Cap takes a shot at Thanos’ face – not a good idea – and with a quick backhand, Thanos obliterates Rogers.

That’s not the only thing that points to the demise of Steve Rogers. Chris Evans’ contract ends with Avengers 4, so even if Rogers does survive Infinity War, his days are numbered. It seems much more likely that either Rogers will receive a crippling injury in Infinity War, and make a formal exit or die heroically at the hands of Thanos and make a flashback appearance or two in Avengers 4.

Loki Is Going to Get Himself Killed

As an immortal, Loki’s death doesn’t stick for very long, but in the comic book storyline, he does meet a temporary death at the hands of Thanos. Despite his typical role as the villain, Loki’s death is part of an elaborate plan where he ends up sacrificing himself to protect his brother, Thor, and all of Asgard.

So what are his chances of dying in Infinity War? Well, in the trailers and glimpses of the film we’ve seen so far, Loki’s role seems to be siding with Thanos. And with Loki being in possession of the Space Stone, he does have some bargaining value with the super-villain.

However, just as he did in the comics, Loki did rather redeem himself in Thor: Ragnarok, so he could just be deceiving Thanos. Whether he is deceiving Thanos or attempting to wiggle his way out of an untimely death, Thanos will have reason to — and will likely follow through with — eliminating Loki.

First One In, First One Out

Out of all the superheroes on this list, Iron Man is the one most likely to die. Why? His death is one of the most prominent in the comic series, as well as possibly the most gruesome. In one of the more successful attacks against Thanos, Tony Stark takes on Thanos in his Iron Man suit, which surprisingly, does push Thanos back. After one too many repulsor blasts send Thanos reeling, Terraxia takes on Stark personally, which ends with Terraxia presenting a bloodied Iron Man helmet to Thanos.

Now, this isn’t the only reason we’re expecting Robert Downey Jr. to make his exit. He has had a long run, starring in three Iron Man films, two Avengers, and one Captain America movie, as well as the recent Spider-Man film. His character has come to a bit of a stalemate, with most of the possible storylines and plot points already used. Like Chris Evans, his contract is also near expiration, and at this point, Robert Downey Jr. is possibly too expensive for Marvel to renew. And now in his 50s, he may not even want to give them the option of renewing his contract anyway.

Vision Is a Given

This one is going to crush all the Scarlet Vision shipping fans’ hearts, but in a movie about an all-powerful being going on an Easter egg hunt, let’s just say if you are hiding what he wants, you’re a dead man/android walking.

In the comics, Vision manages to land a few hits on Thanos, and it’s one of the last ones to go, but he ends up in a mass of wires after Thanos copies Vision’s signature move and rips out Vision’s chest.

Given that we already saw Vision losing his Infinity Stone in the trailer, it’s pretty certain next time we see Vision, he’ll either be trashed or something else entirely (we still aren’t quite sure why he was human for a hot sec anyway). And with a null chance of a solo movie, there’s really not much need to keep him around.

See Ya Drax

Out of all the characters on the list, Drax is probably the closest to the flip of a coin when it comes to his chances of survival. The Guardians of the Galaxy lineup is a big chunk of the Marvel cast, and it’s inevitable that at least a couple will have to go. So, who’s more likely than someone with his eyes set on Thanos’ death?

Dave Bautista likely will want an exit as well. A six-time WWE champion, Dave already has a busy acting schedule and will soon have an even busier schedule if he follows through with his plan to come back to WWE.

While this list may include the most likely deaths, there are probably going to be many more. After all, the Infinity War comic extinguished over half of the entire universe, including everyone from mere mortals like Hawkeye to the superpowered Fantastic 4, Spider-Man and Scarlet Witch to gods like Thor.

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