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It seems the Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding at a faster rate than our own universe, and, with every box office-smashing expansion, we’re introduced to a slew of new heroes. Clocking in at 34 big-name superheroes and supervillains,  Avengers: Infinity War features nearly everyone but the kitchen sink. (Let’s be real: The Kitchen Sink would be an amazing mutant name. Feel free to run with that, MCU.)

With that much superhuman power packed into one epic crossover event, questions of superlatives are bound to arise. Who is the strongest Avenger? Was it wiser to choose Team Iron Man or Team Cap? Can anyone take on Thanos? And, finally, the existential question that keeps us all up at night (to ask it is to be human!) — which Chris is best: Evans, Hemsworth or Pratt?

Wonder no more. We’ve assembled all of the Avengers here for you, ranking them from most searched to least searched on our site. Our heroes may be stronger united than they are apart, but only a few can earn the top spots. Let’s find out who really reigns supreme. Who are the most-searched Avengers?

First Things First

It’s no surprise the top-searched Avengers in the last six months starred in their own standalone films in 2017. Outranking all other Avengers, Thor, everyone’s favorite Norse god, cut both his hair and his serious demeanor in the wildly funny Thor: Ragnarok. And T’Challa, king of Wakanda and the box office, nabbed the third most-searched spot after starring in the groundbreaking Black Panther. Not too shabby for a guy who’s new to the MCU party.

Our second most-searched Avenger was none other than Iron Man/Tony Stark. Though he’d be bummed he lost out to a Norse hippie whom he calls “Point Break,” number two ain’t bad. And, hey, it doesn’t matter how much you look up Tony Stark — no one likes Tony more than Tony.

All Capped Out

Avengers Infinity War Captain America

The First Avenger and MCU’s resident nice guy, Captain America didn’t even crack the top ten of this list. All that star-spangled role-model business and he was still beat out by his mysterious friend Bucky Barnes and ultimate frienemy Tony Stark? Ouch; that’s cold. Ice cold. Left-for-dead-frozen-in-ice cold.

With rumors that Captain America might not make it out of the untitled fourth Avengers film alive (actor Chris Evans has been forthright about his desire to retire from the MCU), it’s time we show him a lot more love.

Flying Purple People Eater

But forget all those good guys. The most-searched Infinity War character of them all is the Mad Titan himself: Thanos. One of Marvel’s most-feared villains, Thanos’s presence has been looming over the MCU for a while now; Avengers: Infinity War delivers a boss battle nearly ten years in the making.

Therefore, it’s no wonder all of you fans have been relentlessly reading up on him. In fact, his page has been visited nearly 100 thousand times in the last six months. (That’s almost twice the amount of attention the Incredible Hulk has received — how that’s for incredible?) If you could purchase Infinity Stones with page views, Thanos would have achieved world domination long ago.

Make Way for the Ladies

Black Widow has been a fan-favorite character ever since 2010's 'Iron Man 2,' and fans are clamoring to see her in her own solo film.

Notably absent from the top ten are any female heroes. Despite being one of the most powerful Avengers, Wanda Maximoff (the Scarlet Witch) only ranks at number 14, followed by Natasha Romanoff (the Black Widow) who has been a staple for the MCU since Iron Man 2.

In the past, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has received criticism for underrepresenting women in the action of their films. But dynamic and fearless characters like Black Panther’s Shuri (#19th most searched, by the way) have recently given us hope. Plus, Ant-Man will soon be joined by the Wasp and 2019 will bring us the first female standalone film, Captain Marvel (featuring Brie Larson as Carol Danvers).

The future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe shines as bright as an Infinity Stone. So, continue hunting for knowledge like Thanos hunts for stones, and keep looking up your favorite characters at marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.com.

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