‘The Bachelor’: Arie Verbally Threatened During Awkward Hometown Dates

Adam Salandra

It’s time to meet the parents on this week’s episode of The Bachelor, as Arie Luyendyk Jr. heads into the hometown dates with the final four contestants of the season.

Arie’s still struggling to even get viewers to like him, so he’s really got his work cut out for him as he tries to get approval from the ladies’ families. But the women also have to worry because there are only three roses to be given out by the end of the episode.

Los Angeles, California

Kendall kicked off her hometown date by showing Arie her taxidermy collection and he seemed genuinely terrified. But he had to conquer his fears pretty quickly because next up she had them stuffing rats together. And if you don’t think that’s romantic, then maybe you missed the dead-rat wedding in Paris that they performed as a puppet show afterward. Kendall’s family looked understandably apprehensive about the whole situation. They all agreed that Kendall wasn’t ready to get engaged to someone after two dates, which is a reminder that the quirky contestant is actually one of the most level-headed of the group. Overall the date went well and the couple continued to canoodle without exhibiting any chemistry whatsoever.

Weiner, Arkansas

Tia went straight for Arie’s heart on the hometown date by putting the bachelor in a racecar and having him drive around a track. But that was about as much fun as Arie was going to get in Arkansas before it was time to be introduced to Tia’s southern roots. She warned Arie that he’d have the hardest time with her brother Jason, the exact person I’d describe if you asked who I’d never want to meet in a dark alley. Arie eventually wore him down, though, and also got the blessing of Tia’s dad. Her father threatened to find Arie on Google if he ever hurts his daughter and it looks like dad will be firing up the ol’ search engine sooner than we thought.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

After a lovely day at an apple orchard, Arie is forced to face off with Becca’s Uncle Gary during their hometown date. Becca M.’s father passed away when she was 19, so her pastor uncle stepped in to help fulfill that role. As Gary divulged the family’s painful past, Becca asked her mom if she’d feel ready if Arie were to ask for her blessing. “No” was the answer, which seems fair. But eventually, her mother decided that she’d give a blessing to whatever her daughter decides. And she’s decided she wants Arie.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Arie then heads to Virginia Beach to meet Lauren B.’s ultra-conservative family and we immediately see where she gets her giant personality from. The evening begins with awkward silences that are reminiscent of the couple’s quiet first date overseas. “What do you see in Lauren?” her mom asked Arie as though she was genuinely wondering what it could possibly be. Arie had to go wipe the sweat off his face and it was clear that he was more nervous to be meeting Lauren’s family than he was with some of the other women. Lauren explains to her mom that she and Arie are so much alike and her mom admits she saw the special way they looked at each other.

The Rose Ceremony

Arie has to excuse himself for a moment during the rose ceremony because he can’t decide which of the women he wants to send home after the hometown dates. He eventually pulls Kendall aside and asks if she’d actually be willing to get engaged at the end of this process. Arie feels that falling in love means nothing if you’re not ready to spend the rest of your life with him after two dates. Kendall explains that her feelings are complicated but it’s clearly good enough for Arie. The bachelor sends Tia home in an unexpected twist, leaving Kendall, Becca, and Lauren B. as the final three before heading into fantasy suites next week.

Adam Salandra
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