Best Movies About Dogs You Can Stream Right Now

Jessica Rock
Movies Streaming
Movies Streaming

Our furry canine friends have made quite an impact on movies throughout the years. They tug at our heartstrings and take us on grand adventures — think of Lassie saving little Timmy from drowning in the well. Dog movies show just how much our canine companions will fight for us humans. Alpha, a film about a wolf and the origins of human/dog relationships, opened in theaters this month. Before catching that flick, check out these other dog movies available to stream in the comfort of your own home. Grab your furry friend, stock up on popcorn and dog treats, and let the fun begin!

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

With a box office debut in 1993, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey is a dog movie that will always stand the test of time. Based on a novel by Shelia Burnford, the film follows the adventures of Chance (an American Bulldog voiced by Michael J. Fox), Shadow (a wise Golden Retriever voiced by Don Ameche), and Sassy (a Himalayan cat voiced by Sally Field).

The trio set off into the Sierra Nevada mountains to track down their owners and are tested at every turn. Bears, mountain lions, and porcupines try to stand in their way, but they persevere. Stream Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey now and watch these three find their way home.

A Dog’s Purpose

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

(Writer’s note: My husband isn’t the kind of guy who cries very much. This movie made him ball like I’ve never seen before.)

What are dogs really thinking when we look into their beautiful eyes? A Dog’s Purpose follows a pup as he goes through several lifetimes, being reincarnated after each one to find another human to love.

Sometimes, the dog comes back as a male, and sometimes as a female. In one life, she is a heroic police dog, and in another, a mildly overweight corgi trying to help his owner find love. Will our furry hero finally reconnect with his one true love and master, Ethan? Watch A Dog’s Purpose to find out, and don’t forget to bring the tissues!

Best in Show

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Christopher Guest directs an ensemble cast of wacky humans and their dogs in laugh-out-loud comedy Best in Show. Have you ever been flipping through TV channels and come across the Westminster Dog Show? This film follows the fictional participants as they make their way to the most prestigious dog show in the world.

Once everyone makes it to the venue, the action only gets funnier and funnier. Parker Posey, Eugene Levy, Fred Willard, and Catherine O’Hara shine in the packed cast of this side-splitting romp. Where is Busy Bee? Find out by streaming Best In Show tonight.

Isle of Dogs

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Wes Anderson is known for his films about the human condition, but in his newest feature, he explores the canine side of life.  Made with stop-motion animation, Isle of Dogs is a visual masterpiece and a love letter to our furry friends. When the horrible leader of a fictional city banishes all dogs to a terrible trash island, one small boy takes it upon himself to rescue his beloved pet, Spots.

He crashes a plane on the island and befriends three inhabitants who help him search for his dog. Led by a black dog named Chief, the pack sets off on an epic adventure to find the missing canine. They have to work fast. The terrible leader plans to destroy the entire island and all the dogs there. Will they succeed in their quest?

The Secret Life of Pets

Where to watch: Netflix

What do our pets do when us humans leave them alone? The Secret Life of Pets is a computer-animated feature about what happens after the owners leave. Jenny Slate, Kevin Hart, and Eric Stonestreet are just a few of the stars who lend their voices to fun characters in The Secret Life of Pets.

Max, a terrier, is living a pretty chill life when Duke, a slobbering stray, enters his world. Max resents Duke’s presence in the house and tries with all his might to figure out how to get him to leave. But a wrench is thrown into his plans, and they have to work together to survive, bonding them for life. You’ll definitely want to check out all their fun hijinks.

One Hundred and One Dalmatians

Where to watch: Netflix (live-action remake), Amazon Prime (animated original)

Unless you live under a rock, you know that One Hundred and One Dalmatians is one of the most famous movies about dogs. The Disney animated original debuted in 1961 and became an instant classic to kids and adults alike.

A litter of Dalmatian pups is kidnapped by the dastardly Cruella de Vil, who intends to turn them into a fur coat for herself. The parents of the puppies, Pongo and Perdita, must work together to rescue their fur babies before it is too late.

The film was re-made in 1996 as a live-action feature starring Glenn Close, who is so beautifully evil that audiences love to hate her. Stream the original One Hundred and One Dalmatians on Amazon Prime, and the remake, 101 Dalmatians, on Netflix.

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