5 Fictional Families We Wish Were Our Own

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No one knows you better than family. We fight with them, spend time with them, and stick with them when times are tough. Whether they’re the family we chose or the one we were born into, we can all appreciate having people to call our own. So, let’s celebrate familial love and its many idiosyncrasies by basking in the greatness of some of the best families across multiple types of entertainment mediums. Here are five fictional families we wish we could call our own.

The Pritchett-Dunphys — Modern Family

Mitch and Cam at their original wedding venue

Since its debut in 2009, Modern Family has been a much-loved show about a blended family and their everyday antics. There’s a lot of love to go around, and the situations they find themselves in are relatable to people from all walks of life.

For instance, when Mitch and Cam get married, everything goes wrong. Wildfires at the venue, losing their dry cleaning, a swarm of bees in a small car, you name it, and it happened. After the third change of venue, Jay calls the country club he’s a member at to set up a beautiful wedding for his son. Jay’s wife, Gloria, even stands in for Mitch’s mother, who couldn’t make it to the wedding to walk him down the aisle. It may not have been the wedding Mitch and Cam had hoped for, but it was one they would never forget.

Their family managed to take lemons and turn them into lemonade. For the Pritchett-Dunphys, even the most downtrodden of situations are full of love. There’s nothing like having family members who will not only stick with you through the rough times, but also make bearable.

The Royal Family — Black Panther

The royal family of Wakanda

Black Panther is a story about cultural dynamics and family — and secret children and a long-lost cousin out for revenge. What makes this story even more compelling is the strong values and beliefs of the royal family of Wakanda. Queen Ramonda rules with wisdom and love for her children and her nation. And our favorite sibling duo, T’Challa and Shuri, carry the weight of the future on their shoulders, but still find time to goof off, joke, and have fun.

It can’t be easy being a member of the royal family — all eyes are on you, after all — but T’Challa and his family make it seem like second nature. They maintain a level of pose and regality without coming off as fake. Not to mention that the nation of Wakanda is such a successful and advanced civilization, a testament to the royal family. They’ve fostered an environment where their people are surrounded by wealth, knowledge, and community.

The people of the nation of Wakanda strive to be the best they can be thanks to the work and examples set by the royal family. And the family, particularly T’Challa and Shuri, are always pushing each other to grow and do better. Besides, who wouldn’t want to have a super genius little sister to build cool gadgets for them?

Najika Kazama and Friends — Kitchen Princess

Najika and Daichi

The manga Kitchen Princess is an obscure gem with a lot of heart. The story follows Najika, an orphan who moves from her group home to the prestigious Seika Academy in hopes of becoming a high-class chef like her parents. But she has one more goal: to find her mysterious Flan Prince who saved her from drowning as a child.

While at Seika Academy pursuing her dream, Najika makes many friends and allies who become like to family to her. Najika’s makeshift family unit acts as a loving support system for its members. They help each other out without question and push each other to be their best, and sometimes even better than that. When Najika shockingly loses her first love, SoraDaichi, Sora’s brother, does everything in his power to be there for Najika to help her continue to pursue her dreams  — even as his own world is falling apart.

Sometimes it’s the family you choose who ends up being the best support system. Just as Najika did, it’s possible to meet people along the way who are willing to catch you if fall.

Edward and Alphonse Elric — Full Metal Alchemist

Ed and Al

Full Metal Alchemist is full of amazing fight sequences, heartwrenching moments, and funny antics. It’s an anime staple for a reason, and the Elric brothers — and their search for the Philosopher’s Stone are very much to thank for this.

It’s no secret that Edward and Alphonse would do anything for each other and their loved ones. This fact is established by the end of the very first episode when Edward gives up his arm to bring his brother’s soul back after a failed attempt at human transmutation. He begs The Truth to give him back Alphonse, no matter the cost, as he can’t bear to lose him. It’s that kind of love and sacrifice that makes the show so well-loved.

Imagine the comfort of knowing that your sibling will always be there for you no matter how scary the situation. We could all use that sense of security. Well, that and a younger brother who is basically a suit of armor — or an older brother with badass alchemy skills.

The Weasleys — Harry Potter (Franchise)

Harry and The Weasleys

The Harry Potter franchise is full of many well-known and beloved families. You’ve got the famous Potters and the notorious Malfoys, but the family that sticks out the most in fans’ minds are the Weasleys. They don’t have many funds, but they make up for it by being rich in love.

The family is full of memorable characters — the mischievous twins Fred and George, the self-conscious but talented Ron, and the young and talented Ginny. Yet, what really makes the Weasleys endearing to fans is how welcoming they are to Harry. When they learn that he’s being mistreated at home, they take him under their wing. Molly, the family’s strong and loving matriarch, adopts Harry into her family and treats him like one of her own. The Weasleys watch out for Harry on his first day in the wizarding world and welcome him into their home whenever he needs it. Something so selfless and loving could only come from a family who cares as much as the Weasleys do.

For many fans, it was easy to relate to the ragtag quality of the Weasley family and their humble living situation. There are many people in this world who don’t have much, but who make up for it with love and compassion for others. The Weasleys exemplify these traits, and only a fool would refuse a permanent seat at their kitchen table.

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