A Genre-Bending Guide to the Best of Prime Video

Jackson Langford
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How does one solve the eternal dilemma of “what do I watch tonight?” It’s a question that’s plagued society for decades, and we’ve gotten no closer to locking in a way to answer it. Part of this is because streaming services are leaving us spoiled for choice. And Prime Video, thanks to its range of streaming titles, its subscription services like Paramount+ and Hayu AND hit movies available to rent or buy, gives audiences variety like never before.

On top of that, we all have our comfort genres, right? Some of us like to snuggle up and soak into the cheese of a rom-com, while some of us feel at ease being on the very edge of our seats. But it’s important to explore content you mightn’t otherwise watch — your favourite film or series could be right there, and you’d never know because you keep falling back on your comfort genre.

Prime Video has something for everyone — and then some — including movies and shows that blur the lines between genres. So, we’ve put together a genre-bending guide to refer to next time you’re stuck on what to watch.

Craving a story of budding, unlikely romance? Try Fallout

To those not in the know, putting Fallout, inspired by the post-apocalyptic video game franchise, in the same sentence as romance might be confusing. Who has time for love when the world has ended, after all?

A fair question, but Fallout is so much more than its barren setting. Sporting a completely new and original storyline, Prime Video’s exclusive Fallout series is a fresh experience for newcomers and game veterans. While there’s no shortage of wisecracks, gunfights and mutations, a refreshing element of Fallout is the budding love story between our hero Lucy — an optimistic vault dweller searching the wasteland for her father — and Maximus — a squire of the Brotherhood of Steel questioning his identity and his relationship with honour.

Their relationship is an unlikely one, but one you can’t help but root for. Find out what happens to them by streaming Fallout Season 1 now on Prime Video.

After a juicy drama? Look no further than Below Deck

They say truth is always stranger than fiction, and the world of reality TV is living proof. No drama that can be conjured up for a fictional story can outdo what transpires between humans stuck on a boat together. And, through Hayu on Prime Video, you can now watch all that unfold on Below Deck.

Imagine working in a floating palace, but your biggest headache isn’t seasickness — it’s high-maintenance guests, explosive arguments and then some. Below Deck throws you into the wild world of superyacht crews who cater to the whims of wealthy vacationers. By day, they’re serving caviar and folding swan towels. By night, they’re dodging drunken demands and extinguishing flare-ups (both romantic and literal).

Trust us, you’ll be hanging at the very edge of your seat in each episode. This is stuff you simply cannot make up. Add the Hayu subscription on Prime Video to watch Season 11 of Below Deck now.

Maybe you’re after edge-of-your-seat action? Let us introduce you to the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup might not have explosions, barrel rolls and death-defying stunts, but each year cricket fans are served up with enough action to last them a lifetime. And 2024 is shaping up to be no different.

There’s a reason so many Aussies get behind this sport above any other. Taking place from June 2 (10:30 AEST) until June 30, the 2024 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup will be co-hosted by the West Indies and the United States.

It’s an absolute sporting pressure cooker. Each game boasts high scores, and there’s national pride on the line for all the countries involved, not just Australia. Watch all the action as it unfolds live on Prime Video from June 2.

Love the craziness of reality TV? Try Saltburn

Now if you’re one of the few people who haven’t seen Emerald Fennell’s mega-hit Saltburn yet, you get the pleasure of going in with fresh eyes. The movie that made Barry Keoghan a superstar, Saltburn has several stories of love (both romantic and friendship) woven throughout it. Set in a gorgeous estate in the English countryside, Saltburn sees stellar performances from Jacob Elordi, Rosamund Pike, and the aforementioned Keoghan.

Going into Saltburn with fresh eyes is the best way to experience the madness that happens within. While obviously not a reality TV show, Saltburn turns up all the elements of your fave juicy guilty pleasure to 11. Think you’ve seen opulence and wealth? Think again. Think you’ve seen friendships fallout in spectacular fashion? Think again. Think you’ve seen the best in betrayal? You have no idea.

Saltburn is a Prime Video exclusive and available to stream right now. Just know you’ll never listen to Sophie Ellis-Bextor quite the same again.

Truly can’t decide on what to watch? Just watch Dune: Part Two.

Even though we all have our comfort genres, there are some nights when it feels like nothing is tickling your fancy — you want to watch something, but nothing feels like it’ll satisfy you. When you’re in this predicament (it happens!) look no further than Denis Villenueve’s epic Dune: Part Two, now available to rent or buy through Prime Video.

It might not seem like the sequel to a sci-fi epic about spice farming on a faraway planet could be for everyone, but trust us — it is. Do you want a love story? You got it. Do you want terrifying villains that’ll have you clawing at the lounge in fear? Check. Are you a sucker for the political chess between families of power that eventually snowballs into all-out war? Bingo. Even if you’re after a laugh, there are moments of levity in Dune: Part Two that’ll have you cackling.

Indisputably one of the biggest movies of 2024, you can now visit Arrakis from the comfort of your home by buying or renting Dune: Part Two on Prime Video.

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