The Best Pop Culture April Fools’ Jokes of 2016

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April Fools’ Day. Some of us look forward to this annual tradition of pulling the wool over the eyes of our friends and loved ones. Others view it as just another day where one needs to constantly be on alert for shenanigans. Regardless of which camp you fall into, Fandom has got you covered. We are rounding up the best April Fools’ jokes from around the Internet for you to use as a guide to get in on the joke, or to keep from being fooled yourself.

Google Cardboard Plastic

Aside from the whole Gmail mic drop fiasco this morning, Google had a few other surprises in store for today, including Google Plastic, a play on Google Cardboard which uses clear plastic, and gets rid of the “virtual” in virtual reality to let you enjoy actual reality. It’s still better than Google Glass.

YouTube SnoopaVision

What could make your favorite YouTube videos even better? If you said adding commentary from the one and only Snoop Dogg, YouTube has a surprise for you.

Redbox Kiosk Ambassadors



Want to combine your love of movies and games with the joy of sitting in a tiny, cramped box for hours at a time? Then the Redbox kiosk ambassador program is the job for you!

Stamos + Netflix = Streaming Perfection


Forget about all of the unwatched shows that were piling up in your Netflix queue. Let John Stamos provide a curated selection of everything you need to watch. With categories such as “TV Comedies That Manage to be Funny Even Though Stamos Isn’t in Them,” “Reality TV John Stamos Totally Watches But Denies It If You Ask Him,” and “Action & Adventure John Stamos Enjoys With His Bros” how could you go wrong?

We will be updating the guide throughout the day, so check back often, and let us know @getfandom if we miss any.


Hulu must have been tired of hearing about all the people chilling out with Netflix, because they decided to offer an alternative with their new HuluDatr matchmaking service.



The folks at Blizzard always get into the spirit of the day, with several jokes across their many franchises. This year they gave us the following:

Hearthstone The MMO

Psst, it’s just World of Warcraft.

Starcraft II: Carbot Zergling

Add a touch of the adorable to your next Starcraft II session.

Diablo Licensed Products


Want to bring a slice of Sanctuary or the Burning Hells home with you? Cozy up to the Portal to the Cow Level Pillows (which may or may not actually exist) in your Hammer Pajammers.

The Frostdoge Clan


Much ferocity. Such WoW. Who needs the Frostwold Clan when the Doge alternative exists?

World of Warcraft: Legion Alpha Patch Notes


If you prefer a smattering of smark with your patch notes, these should do nicely.

Final Fantasy ChocoGo

Tired of waiting around for Uber, Lyft, or public transportation? Are you longing to feel the wind in your hair as you race through the streets astride a giant feathered bird… thing? Perhaps my favorite part of this video is the fact that the CEO is named Cid. Well played, Final Fantasy.

Smite – Manticore, The Forgotten Blight

The Manticore returns to Smite, and it is not happy about being cut from the early beta. It may be the most OP creature ever in an MMO, but that is what the other gods get for leaving it behind.

Razer – Project Breadwinner

Razer is known for making high-end PC peripherals, and now they are applying that expertise toward making the world’s most sophisticated toaster. I was going to close this one out with a hilarious bread pun, but am choosing to take the high road. You’re welcome. 


Thinkgeek is known for having a wife variety of April Fools’ Day jokes mixed in with their products. Items such as the Mentos & Diet Coke Rockets, useless light switch, baRPG, and flavor of the day calendar all await unsuspecting shoppers. Here are a few pop culture-related items featured today.


Star Trek White Noise Sleep Machine


Let the low thrum of the thrusters from Constitution-class starship lull you to sleep as you listen to the Star Trek White Noise Sleep Machine and dream of boldly going… you know the rest.

Magic: The Gathering – Travel Edition


It’s like regular Magic: The Gathering, but much, much smaller. Good thing this travel edition comes with two sets of the patented “Battle Magnifier” goggles.

Attack on Titan Lawn Ornament


Impress (or terrify) your neighbors with this giant Attack on Titan lawn ornament. Let this 25-foot inflatable titan simultaneously tell people your house is not to be messed with, while also proudly displaying your love for anime.

VR Sensory Immersion Generator

Get ready for VR sensory overload with this sensory immersion generator. Why just see and hear things in VR when you can smell, touch, or even taste them? You may laugh now, but there are several similar products already in the works.


Not sure what exactly a Plumbus is, or what it does? You are not alone. Perhaps Rick and Morty can help provide an answer.

Runescape Wiki


Our own Runescape wiki is having a little fun at the expense of the developers of their favorite game. With the recent news that developer Jagex was being purchased by Chinese iron ore mining company Shandong Hongda, the Runescape wiki is now the premiere community to learn about all things mining related.

Sony Introduces the Proton Pack

In a clever way to promote the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, today Sony revealed their next big consumer electronics release: the Proton Pack. The design is taken from the new movie’s ghost-catching apparatus, but has a never-before-used look, which was a nice touch.

Library and Archives Canada – Logan’s Military Records


Canada may have won the Internet for the day. Library and Archives Canada revealed they had acquired the declassified journals and military records of Canadian supersoldier James “Logan” Howlett, a.k.a. Wolverine.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Roach

The Witcher 3 developer CD Projekt Red gives us the behind the scenes look at the creation of Roach, faithful companion to Geralt of Rivia, we never knew we wanted.

The Joker Takes Over DC Comics


The Joker made his mark all over the DC Comics website, on what is no doubt his favorite holiday. What a prankster.

The Ultimate Pixar Easter Egg Unveiled

Pixar would have us believe they have hidden a reference to the upcoming Finding Dory movie in every release since 1995. The only problem I have with the video is that Ed O’Neill should have been updating a Wikia page!