15 Xbox Store Games You Need to Download Right Now

Carl Waldron
Games Xbox
Games Xbox

Whether you are on the PlayStation, the Switch or an Xbox One, the plethora of amazing games at your fingertips can be daunting. Add in your desire to not leave your couch and you have some decisions to make. Here is a list of some of the best digital downloadable games on the Xbox One that you can and should pick up right now.

1. Okami HD


The original Okami was widely regarded as a hit when it released in 2006. With its gorgeous visuals, engaging story and unique paintbrush gameplay, it won multiple Game Of The Year awards. Fans and newcomers now have another chance to play this stunning classic with Okami HD. If you’ve never played it, it’s time to grab the wolf by the tail.


The world of SOMA looks unpleasant

SOMA is an eerie, first-person survival horror game by Frictional Games. Protagonist Simon Jarrett is mysteriously transported to an underwater research facility and must find out why. Originally released on Steam and PS4, SOMA found its way to Xbox One in late 2017. With its release came a new “Safe Mode”. This non-hostile, narrative-focused mode allows players to safely experience the world of SOMA and its creepy sci-fi landscapes.

3. The Mummy Demastered

The Mummy looking alive and well

Loosely based on the recent film The Mummy, The Mummy Demastered puts you in the boots of an unnamed, monster-hunting soldier as they blast their way through a Metroidvania-style adventure. Upon your death, you must recover your gear from the now reanimated corpse of your fallen body! Created by Wayforward, The Mummy Demastered is a great 16 bit inspired, 2D adventure.

4. Observer

Rutger Hauer observing in Observer

Observer is a sci-fi, cyberpunk horror game set in a dismal, dystopian world. Created by Bloober Team, the same folks who brought you Layers of Fear. In it, you play as Daniel Lazarski, a detective tasked with solving murder investigations. Using a device called a “Dream Eater,” the player hacks the memories and fears of murder victims to help solve their murder.

5. The Sexy Brutale

Investigating in 'The Sexy Brutale'

The Sexy Brutale is a puzzle-and-adventure game featuring murder, investigations and festive masks. You play as Marquis, owner of the game’s mansion. Your mission is to investigate and attempt to stop the murder of Marquis’ guests throughout the mansion. Time loops, curses and spying mechanics all aid in crafting an enjoyable murder mystery.

6. Crawl

Something's gone wrong in the dungeons of Crawl

Crawl is a four-player co-op action RPG. One person plays the hero, everyone else takes the reigns of the monsters. Whoever kills the hero takes their place. Battle your friends in a bid to reach the boss and claim your victory. Only one player will make it out alive, will it be you?

7. Fortnite: Battle Royale

Chuting in for some mayhem in Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale is the base-building, arena mayhem offshoot of Epic Games Fortnite. In it, you para-glide from a hot air bus and land on an island to duke it out with 100 other kill-crazed players. The last person standing wins. The twist is you are able to build Fortnite blueprints while you hunt your opponents. Fortnite Battle Royale is free to play on all platforms, so grab that Xbox controller and jump on, then out, of that bus!

8. Warframe

Choose your Warframe wisely

Warframe is a third-person, co-op focused action game. The recent addition of a large open-world Plains of Eidolon has breathed renewed excitement into Warframe veterans and new-comers alike. This is another amazing free-to-play entry on this list. There is no excuse not to play this amazingly detailed and engrossing shooter.

9. Cuphead

One of the many toils in Cuphead

Cuphead is the most uniquely beautiful, and punishingly difficult game of 2017. It boasts a gorgeous art style based on the cartoons of the 1930’s. The gameplay is a mix of platforming and boss battles akin to old school, impossibly difficult side-scrollers (looking at you Battletoads). Cuphead is a special blend of striking beauty and sinister difficulty. Good luck.

10. The Flame In The Flood

Scavenge and survive in The Fire In The Flood

The Flame In The Flood is a rouge-like survival game by The Molasses Flood. Each playthrough offers a randomly generated landscape for Scout to explore and survive. You’ll battle the elements, nature, and hunger as you scavenge to survive each day in the “post-societal America.” Not to mention fend off all the animals who see you as a snack.

11. The Telltale Batman Bundle

Capturing Catwoman in Batman The Telltale Series

In Batman: The Telltale Series, players are tasked with juggling the decisions and actions of both Bruce Wayne and his grumpy alter-ego, Batman. The series is filled with Telltale’s trademark decision system that affects choices and outcomes later on in the game. Being Batman has never been more all-encompassing than in the Batman Telltale Series.

12. Ultimate Chicken Horse

A race to the finish in Ultimate Chicken Horse

Ultimate Chicken Horse is a competitive, party platformer. Each player takes turns placing traps and hazards in the level in hopes of screwing over their friends. Then, everyone must run, jump, and avoid pitfalls on their way to finish line. If you are looking to ruin your friends day with some simple couch coop, Ultimate Chicken Horse is for you.

13. Rocket League

Rocket League Mayhem in progress

Fans of the car soccer titan still flock in droves to Rocket League. Recently released on the Nintendo Switch, Rocket League is still as fun and engaging as it has ever been. DLC like the Fast & Furious Pack breathes new life into the game. Along with the inclusion of “crossplay” with the Switch, Xbox One owners now have a brand new crop of contenders to score on.

14. A Hat In Time

A throwback to platform goodness in A Hat In Time

A Hat In Time is a cute-as-a-button 3D platformer. The game features five open worlds filled to the brim with fun to be had. Players control Hat Kid as she tries to recover the hourglass-shaped fuel for her spaceship. Preferably before Mustache Girl gets them. Fans of Psychonauts and Banjoe-Kazooie would do well to look into this game.

15. Hitman

Play as a world-class assassin in Hitman

Master assassin Agent 47 made a splash on Xbox One with the recent Hitman entry. After IO Interactive became an independent developer, they released the Hitman: Game Of The Year Edition. The big news was this edition gave players the ability to earn all the special Elusive Targets contracts players may have missed in their first playthrough. Toss in a few brand new missions and everyone has a reason to hop back into the world of assassinations.

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