Bex Taylor-Klaus Wants to Be the Lesbian Batwoman We Need Right Now (UPDATED)

Jack DeVries
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UPDATE: The CW has cast LGBTQ actress Ruby Rose as Batwoman. She will debut in the fall crossover event. 

Bex Taylor-Klaus has stolen our hearts numerous times over. For many fans they’re known for playing the fearless and badass Sin on Arrow. Horror fans will remember Taylor-Klaus as the bisexual bestie Audrey on the MTV series Scream (honestly, the best part of that show, let’s be real). And who can forget their portrayal of Pidge the genius, gender nonbinary Paladin in Voltron: Legendary Defender?

But Taylor-Klaus has their sight set on another role, that of the heroic caped crusader, Batwoman.

And we are HERE. FOR. THAT.

With the recent announcement that Batwoman is coming to the CW family of shows, it’s the perfect time to talk about this. While chatting with FANDOM at Comic-Con, Taylor-Klaus expressed interest in playing Batwoman, X-23, or other “queer or … gender nonbinary heroines” (check the video above for their full quote).

Beyond the fact that they’d be awesome in a full on superhero role, Taylor-Klaus brings up another important reason the role is a perfect fit. In the comics, the current iteration of Batwoman, Kate Kane, is an out and proud lesbian with a Jewish heritage. Hey, that sounds like someone we know!

We’re not the only ones who agree either, fans have already started to discuss the idea on social media.

We talk a lot about how important representation is, and it feels like Hollywood is coming to the realization that there is so much talent out there that can authentically portray these roles. The news that Supergirl is introducing a trans superhero played by trans activist Nicole Maines is a great start.

So yes, CW, if you’re gonna make a Kate Kane Batwoman show, please please cast a Jewish lesbian in the role. And hey, there aint a reason that person can’t ALSO be Sin right? That’d be far from the most confusing thing to happen to an Arrowverse show.

Even if the CW version of Batwoman doesn’t pan out, maybe Taylor-Klaus could team up with Margot Robbie on the female led DC films she’s producing and starring in? Batwoman on the big screen!

Can we just make this happen? We’re making this happen. Look I’m already making a hashtag for it.



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