Blizzcon 2017 Had Some Next-Level Cosplay

Jeremy Ray
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Games Blizzard Overwatch

The cosplayers were out in force at Blizzcon 2017. Whether it was walking through the hall, getting up on stage for the competitions, or hanging out outside at the fountain, everyone was happy to pose for a photo.

We snapped up some of the best we found, and that Reinhardt is truly impressive. There was also a breakdancing Reaper, as well as a high-class monocled Reaper and an insanely tall Zenyatta.

A couple of cool things Blizzcon did this year was the Darkmoon Faire and Hearthstone Tavern, which involved some official Blizzard cosplay to help set the mood. But a lot of what you see in the video is just peoples’ own handiwork, showing up for the fun of it.

There was a lot of love for Overwatch in the cosplay showing this year. That’s partly due to it being a widely loved game, and partly because it supports its cosplayers with guides and assets.

Even before the game was released, there was a repository of close-up images for cosplayers to study. You could determine what material a costume should be made of, or how to do a certain braid.

As a nice final touch, Muse was playing on the Saturday night and all the cosplayers got up on stage to rock out for the last song. Even before they got up, it was surreal being reminded periodically that you were at Blizzcon 2017 as well as a Muse concert. Every now and then your attention would be taken away from Muse to the Anduin or Kerrigan that just walked past.

But when you’ve got a space marine rocking out to Knights of Cydonia, that’s when it gets real.

A big thanks to all the cosplayers and helpers who made the vibe so awesome at Blizzcon 2017. And for being such great sports when someone with a camera comes up and asks to shoot your cool poses!

Jeremy Ray
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