‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Recap: “Coral Palms Part 3”

Ryan Aday

For three weeks, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine audience has waited for Captain Holt and Jake to reunite with the rest of the 9-9. Finally, this week, they got their reunion.



Fresh off their jailbreak, Holt and Jake exist as fugitives from Florida justice. A news report shows their photo, prompting a cashier to recognize them. As they flee the store and hop a fence, Holt’s leg is impaled on an iron rod. Consequently, they retreat to Jake’s storage locker to treat the wound.

Back at the 9-9, the precinct is preparing to stealthily travel to Florida to assist their fellow officers. Unfortunately, all flights have sold out, so the group rent a cargo van. Fitting seven distinct personalities into a van for that type of trip yields the results one might expect. Arguments, flatulence, arguments and constant bathroom stops. During one argument, Terry crashes the van.

Jake obtains medical supplies to help treat Holt’s wound. Jake, however, cannot do anything, as he is getting nauseous at the sight of Holt’s injury. Holt operates on himself as he talks Jake down from a potential panic attack. When they are finished, they hear someone outside attempting to enter the storage unit. Jake approaches the entrance, ready to attack. The door opens, and Jake gets punched in the throat by Santiago. The 9-9 has made it to Coral Palms.

Special guest Eric Roberts in the “Coral Palms Pt.3” episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE

Together at last, the precinct hatches a plan to trap Jimmy “The Butcher” Figgis (Eric Roberts) and his men at the Family Fun Center. All of the crew have a part to play, and they call Figgis, dropping hints as to where they are. During the planning, Jake and Santiago have trouble reconnecting. They fail to find the rhythm as a couple they developed before Jake went away.

Figgis and his men arrive. One by one they fall until only Figgis remains. Jake gets the drop on him, holding him at gunpoint. To his dismay, Sheriff Reynolds (Jim O’Heir) appears to arrest Jake. Jake drops his gun, Figgis shoots Reynolds and takes Jake hostage. Santiago appears, demanding that Figgis release Jake. When Figgis threatens to kill him, Santiago shoots Jake in the leg. Figgis escapes but is caught by Holt and Gina who run into him with their rental truck.

Sheriff Reynolds nearly ruins the plan

Upon returning to the 9-9, the new captain indicates that he understands why they left to Florida. It appears that he will not receive any major punishment. However, the show ends with Captan Stently assigning them all to the night shift.


I don’t remember laughing out loud more to an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine than I did with this one. The final Florida episode excelled in closing out the brief chapter of Holt and Jake’s life in witness protection and bringing us back to the precinct with some new direction.


  • Jake complaining about his scratches while Holt has been impaled by a rod
  • Reynolds explaining how the fugitives escaped by kissing in the cell
  • Santiago telling Jake he was B+ blood type and Jake panicking as he realized he had guessed wrong

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Tuesdays at 8pm EST/PST. Next week is the special crossover episode with New Girl. Check out the recap of this week’s New Girl here.

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