‘Central Intelligence’ Trailer: Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are BFF in the CIA


Now we can envision what Dwayne Johnson would’ve looked like as the picked on kid in high school named Bob. Though his friends are few and far between there is one that shows him no judgment… the ever so popular Calvin (Kevin Hart).

Flash forward 20 years, and now Bob appears to be a self-confident, handsome CIA Agent who calls on the help from his friend, Calvin. Calvin is well-mannered accountant who does not want to participate in such big adventures. And that’s where the debauchery begins. Watch the trailer below:

Yes, this is another take on the buddy cop scenario, but with the followers of Johnson and Hart this looks like it could be a fun summer ride. We know Dwayne Johnson’s film characters can float from action hero to dulcet husband in a heartbeat and Kevin Hart rules the comic relief role in his films, whether as the best friend, the brother in law, or whatever else is required. Together in Central Intelligence, they will combine their knacks and deliver in an action packed, humorous tale. Filmed around various places in Massachusetts and directed through the vision of Rawson Marshall Thurber, (Dodgeball, We’re the Millers), Central Intelligence will show the undeniable talent and chemistry that both Johnson and Hart have naturally.

Central Intelligence hits theaters June 17

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