‘Star Trek: Discovery’: Will Michael Burnham Have a Cross-Species Romance?

Kim Taylor-Foster
TV Comic-Con
TV Comic-Con Star Trek

Not only has Star Trek Discovery lead Sonequa Martin-Green teased a love story for her character as the series progresses, but she’s also hinted that it could be an interspecies affair.

At the New York Comic Con Discovery panel, the former Walking Dead actor took a question from the crowd about a potential love interest for her character Michael Burnham, a human raised by Vulcans.

She replied cagily, “I will say that there’s all kinds of life on this show and I think it’s very courageous in that way, our story. And that’s probably all I’m going to say. I mean, we’re covering everything with everyone. You see what I’m saying?”

What we take from that is that there will likely be a romance for Burnham but that there may well be relationships blossoming across the rest of the cast too.

Diversity Rules

The panel also spoke at length about the importance of diversity on the show, including LGBT representation. Bringing mixed-race couplings into the series would therefore gel with their priorities. Indeed, according to actor Wilson Cruz, who plays Dr. Culber, the series features the first gay couple in any Star Trek TV series. His character pairs up with Anthony Rapp’s Lieutenant Paul Stamets.

Saru and Michael Burnham.

Actor Doug Jones, who plays the Kelpian alien Saru in the series, spoke about his character’s humble origins and the importance of his achievements for his species.

“Where I come from we are the hunted, we are the herded, we are the livestock. So it’s rather extraordinary that Saru has been able to break out of that definition. And I’m the first of my kind to go through the Starfleet Academy and the first to end up on a starship as a high-ranking officer. So I’m trailblazing for my type.” We totally ship Saru and Michael, by the way.

Finally, the panel treated the crowd to a first look at Episode 4, which saw a bristly exchange between Saru and Michael (telling?) before Jason Isaac’s Captain Lorca lets Burnham in on his plan. He wants her to help him weaponise a deadly beast he’s got imprisoned on the ship.

Catch Episode 4 of Star Trek: Discovery on October 8.

Kim Taylor-Foster
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