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Fans of Jessica Jones may remember the show’s titular baddie, Kilgrave. Kilgrave was played by Doctor Who alum David Tennant and was scary as heck! Somehow he is back for Jessica Jones Season 2, and FANDOM has questions.

During the filming of Jessica Jones Season 2, keen-eyed fans spotted Tennant on the set in New York City. This alarmed people as his character was not presumed to come back for Season 2. If you haven’t seen Season 1, there’s a very specific reason he was not supposed to be coming back — spoiler alert, you can read about his character’s fate here.

After the set photos were snapped, Netflix released an official image of Tennant on set with lead actress Krysten Ritter. The image first appeared on Entertainment Weekly and can be seen below. FANDOM caught up with costume designer Elisabeth Vastola to ask her about working with both Ritter and Tennant on the set of Jessica Jones Season 2 and about her unplanned cameo in one of the set photos.

Jessica Jones vs. Kilgrave, Round 2

Jessica Jones Season 2 Kilgrave

Elisabeth Vastola was the lead costume designer on Jessica Jones Season 2. She was given creative freedom under showrunner Melissa Rosenberg to design new outfits for Trish Walker, Malcom Ducasse, Jeri Hogarth and yes, even Jessica, who occasionally takes off her iconic leather jacket. Vastola also got to work on a suit for Kilgrave, who will be making an appearance this season. “It was the one thing, at the end of the first season, where I was sad I wouldn’t be working with him, and then I found out I would be working with him [in Season 2].” Vastola was just as surprised as anyone that he was coming back.

“David is incredible to work with. I wasn’t part of the inception of the character [in Season 1],  I was returning to something that had already been established, but I was able to bring my eyes to it. Of course, he was established with a very specific purple color palate, so the challenge was, how do we get that across in a look where we immediately know who he is, but we want to maintain his style without him just wearing a purple suit. Ultimately we were really happy with how it came across.”

The images show David in a purple and green plaid suit. The colors are subtle, but those purple tones are definitely there.

Kilgrave Goes Viral

The day that David and Krysten were filming on set, photos began to hit Twitter en masse. Netflix tried to rebound from the leaked set photos by snapping a photo of their own and having EW publish it as breaking news. This was all the way back in August. FANDOM asked Vastola what it was like to see her creation hit the web so quickly.

“And you know what’s funny about that official photo [pictured above], I mean, it’s a little embarrassing, but, because of the kerfuffle of it, I think I was coming really quickly to set, and they took the official set photo of David and Jessica and I am deep in the background. There was all this commotion from friends and co-workers like ‘oh my gosh, David Tennant is back’ and then I get a second round of it, ‘wait a minute, are you in that photo?’ It’s really funny.”

So, on that day the world was re-introduced to Kilgrave and also introduced to the fabulous woman who makes sure that baddies like Kilgrave look sharp, heroes like Jessica look ready to fight for justice, and that everyone else looks their absolute best.

Jessica Jones Season 2 hits Netflix on March 8, 2018.

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