‘Deadpool 2’: Cable vs. Deadpool, Who Would Win?

Lauren Gallaway
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Movies Marvel

Deadpool 2 is on the horizon and Deadpool is about to meet his match in Cable. Sure, they’ll probably end up working together by the end of the film, but when the film begins, they’ll be enemies. Cable and Deadpool have often teamed up in the comics, they even starred in their own series, but have they ever battled each other? Absolutely. So, let’s find out, based on powers, brains, and comic book storylines, Cable vs. Deadpool, who would win?

Deadpool’s Healing Factor

Deadpool’s healing factor makes him nearly indestructible. As you saw in Deadpool‘s first film, he broke nearly every bone in his body when fighting Colossus, but he didn’t die. Wade’s ability to heal means he can take a beating from anyone, including Cable, and be able to recover. Wade also has super quick reflexes, especially with his blades. In the newest trailer for Deadpool 2, Wade cuts down almost every single bullet that Cable fires at him.

So what about in the comics? Cable did beat Deadpool during the Civil War storyline. In Deadpool & Cable Vol. 1 #31, Cable and Deadpool found themselves on opposite sides of the Mutant Registration Act. Wade sided with Tony Stark and Cable sided with Captain America. Wade went so far as to tranquilize Captain America, but Cable intervened and tranquilized Wade instead.

Cable’s Super Powers

Cable Nathan Summers Marvel

When looking at the differences between Deadpool and Cable’s powers, Cable has Wade beat by about 1,000%. Sure, Deadpool can heal, sure, he’s immune to toxins, and he can even block Cable’s psychic powers, but he doesn’t possess nearly the same amount of mutant abilities as Cable.

For instance, Cable is a mutant from the future. He’s psychic, he’s telekinetic, he can create psionic shields, weapons, and camouflage with his mind. He can create force fields, he can time travel, he’s part cyborg, and he can even change the size of matter. On a powers level alone, Cable has Wade beat. The difficulty in these two fighting each other would always come down to Wade’s ability to heal, no matter what Cable did to him.

Would they end up locked in a stalemate? Could Wade BS his way out of a fight with Cable? Since Cable got the drop on Deadpool in Civil War, and since Cable has WAY more advanced powers, it’s easy to give Cable a win in this fight.

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Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18, 2018.

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