The ‘Deadpool 2’ Post-Credits Scene Gets Justice for Ryan Reynolds

Drew Dietsch
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Movies Marvel

WARNING: This post contains MAJOR spoilers for Deadpool 2. Proceed with caution.

Deadpool 2 is going to make a lot of fans happy. There are plenty of great gags, amusing appearances from recognizable characters, and some additions to the universe that open up the floodgates for a lot more craziness going forward. But, with all these comic book superhero movies, everyone wants to talk about the post-credits scene. Ever since Iron Man dropped an Avengers-sized bombshell at the end of its running time, fans have been sticking through the credits to get a peek at something more.

Well, we’ve seen Deadpool 2 and we’ve got a breakdown of the post-credits sequence that many people are calling the best post-credits scene of all time. Let’s examine if they’re right.

“If I Could Turn Back Time”

cable deadpool josh brolin
Cable (Josh Brolin) brings time travel into the Deadpool universe.

In the film, Cable comes from the future in order to eliminate a young Russell Collins. By the end of the film, Cable has given up his murderous agenda and joined forces with the good guys. This means that the device which allows him to travel through time gets all its energy used up for the noble cause of saving Deadpool’s life.

But, the post-credits scene shows Negasonic Teenage Warhead and her girlfriend, Yukio, working to fix Cable’s time travel device. Of course, this means it falls into the hands of Deadpool and that leads to some timeline shenanigans. The first of which actually changes the entire plot of Deadpool 2.

At the beginning of the film, Deadpool’s girlfriend Vanessa is killed. This is a huge part of Deadpool 2‘s story and character arcs. But, the post-credits scene has Deadpool zipping back in time and stopping Vanessa’s murder. So, the movie is over! Right?

Let’s Get Meta

green lantern ryan reynolds 2
Deadpool can't help but take some more swings at that other Ryan Reynolds superhero film.

Come on, this is Deadpool! you know he’s gotta use that time travel device to get some good meta jokes in. After saving Vanessa, Deadpool travels back into a very recognizable film; X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Yes, that much-maligned film gets a visit from the Merc with a Mouth. Specifically, he shows up at the film’s climax and immediately murders the infamous Barakapool version of the character.

But, Wade Wilson doesn’t stop there. He goes back once again and shows up in the home of… Ryan Reynolds?!? Yes, Deadpool appears just as the Canadian super-stud is looking over the script for Green Lantern. As Reynolds smiles and says that this is going to be his ticket to the big time, Deadpool shoots him in the head. We see his blood smack the title page of the Green Lantern screenplay. Deadpool looks into the camera and says, “You’re welcome, Canada.”

It’s some obvious fanservice that got a huge laugh from the audience. It’s another great poke at Reynolds’ film career and feels perfectly in tune with Deadpool’s self-deprecating sense of humor. In terms of a post-credits scene that leaves the audience on a high note, Deadpool 2 arguably takes the cake.

Did you enjoy Deadpool 2‘s post-credits sequence? What about the entire movie? If you’re looking for some opinions on both, check out FANDOM’s review of Deadpool 2!

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