‘Destiny 2’: Why the Servers Are Currently Down

Alex Eriksen
Games Destiny
Games Destiny

Update 2: As of 2:09 pm, the servers are back online.


Update: Two more hours of downtime have been added.

Servers will be back up at 2 PM PDT, 4 PM CST, and 5 PM EST.

Original story below:

Good morning, fellow guardians. If you’re trying to sign on to the Destiny 2 servers, you may be getting this message:

Now before you go restarting your router or throwing your console out the window, you should know the servers are currently down for maintenance.

So there you have it. The maintenance is to apply the hotfix v1.2.0.1 to the game which will add a new raid, refresh the current Nightfall, and bring everyone’s favorite exotic gear merchant, Xur, to the world of D2. The new raid, Leviathan, will be playable tomorrow, Wednesday Sept. 13, 2017. The buzz is it’ll be a real tough one so make sure you’ve got your light level up nice and high and have a few exotic pieces on you.

You can get the full notes on the update here. “But why would they need this in the first place? Why not just have all this ready to go at launch?” you may ask. The answer is… who knows? A lot of things happen backstage with a game like this and the reason for a server shutdown a week after release could be legion.

My best guess is they didn’t want to introduce new things like Xur without making sure first it wasn’t going to mess up anything else. The most important period of a game’s life is launch. After that, the devs have got some wiggle room.

Server will come back online at 11 AM PDT, 1 PM CST, and 2 PM EST. I know you probably wanted to get a couple of quests in before your shift (me too) but you’ll just have to play after work.

Keep it tuned here guardians for the latest and greatest in Destiny news.

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