‘Destiny 2’: How To Unlock the Rat King Exotic Sidearm

Alex Eriksen
Games Destiny
Games Destiny

The Rat King is one of the new exotic sidearms you’ll find in the Destiny 2 arsenal. Here’s the easiest, fastest way to get it. Note: You must have completed the game’s main storyline first.

Step 1: Travel to Titan (Saturn’s moon) and complete the quest “Enemy of My Enemy.” It’s pretty easy and after you finish you’ll get something called the “Rat King’s Crew” in one of your kinetic weapon slots. Now here’s the trick, you have to do the remaining steps with someone else who’s also after the Rat King and has “Rat King’s Crew” as well.

Step 2: Together, complete three patrol missions.

Step 3: Then complete two public events. Don’t worry, they don’t have to be heroic difficulty.

Step 4: Play two or three Crucible matches with your partner.

Step 5: Complete the Nightfall Strike with five minutes left on the clock. This is by far the most difficult part of the quest. We recommend you get familiar with the strike first and then do it with other players who are after the Rat King as well. That way everyone’s working closely together toward the same goal.

Pull it off and there you go, you’ve just gotten yourself the Rat King. Check out the stats below and stay tuned right here for the latest and greatest Destiny tips and tricks.

  • Rat Pack If nearby fireteam members have this gun equipped, it becomes stronger. (stacks up to six times)
  • Smallbore Increased range and stability.
  • Tactical Mag Increases stability, reload speed, and magazine size.
  • Vermin Reloading immediately after a kill grants brief period of invisibility.
  • Smooth Grip Increased stability and handling speed.
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