‘Destiny’ Cosplay Guide: Hunter

Alex Eriksen
Games Destiny
Games Destiny

If you’re trying to suit up IRL as your Guardian persona, you may be surprised to find a distinct lack of resources online when it comes to Destiny cosplay. Which is why we took it upon ourselves to make a handy guide for all you would-be Guardians.

We’ll start of with the easiest of the three classes to cosplay: the Hunter. The basic elements of the costume are a cape, tactical vest, and gloves. The rest of what you’ll need you probably already have: a dark long-sleeved shirt, a pair of dark pants and some boots. That’s it. Now, if you want to go the whole nine yards you’ll need a few extras. Almost everything you need you can get on Amazon.

Here’s a breakdown on everything you’ll need, piece by piece, and where to get it. We’ll do essential gear first, followed by optional extras.


Hunter’s are easy to recognize by their capes, making this piece an essential part of the costume. Get it here for $23.

Tactical Vest

This is an AMA 1000D MOLLE Strikeforce RRV modular chest rig. It comes with everything you see here, including all those great pouches. And for less than $30 it’s a total steal. We have one and swear by it; the thing looks great. Get it here.

Tactical Gloves

Guardians are never seen without their gloves, even while eating ramen (probably). We can vouch for the comfort and all-around badassery of these tactical gloves. Get them here.

That’s it for the essentials, coming to a grand total of $73.55. Not bad, right? Now if you really wanna go all out, keep reading. We saved the good stuff for last.


Before you ask, yes, that’s the helmet from Titanfall. Bungie doesn’t sell cool helmets based on their properties *loud cough*. This one is from a special edition of Titanfall II and we can vouch for the quality. It sits comfortably on your head, the visor is easy to see through, and the level of detail is superb. You can get it here.

If you want one of the specific helmets from the game recreated for you, your best bet is to find someone on Etsy to make it custom. But it’ll likely be made of EVA foam (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) and custom projects can take both time and money.


What’s a hunter without his trusty handcannon? The Nerf zombie-strike blaster makes for the perfect prop to go with your costume and will cost you almost nothing. Again, you could get one of the actual guns from the game 3d printed for you, but be prepared to pay mad bank. You can get this cheaper (and better) option here.

Tactical Holster

You’ll need a place to holster that handcannon and having one right on your thigh feels like a good choice. A good rule of thumb for Destiny cosplay is any tactical gear will probably fit in with your look. Get this holster here.

Tactical Knee Pads

These will protect your knees during all those combat slides. Get them right here. (Editor’s note: do NOT attempt to combat slide IRL.)

Battle Belt

The hunters in the game wear these huge belts and they seem to be based on this MOLLE support system. Feel free to slap on some magazine pouches to this belt for a little extra flavor. Get it here.


This is a great optional add-on and we can vouch for how good this scarf looks. Price isn’t bad, either. Order here.

The complete look will cost you a grand total of $323.85. Not a bad investment if you wear it to every Comic-con and Halloween for the next three years. Plus, if aliens do invade earth and we’re all forced to take up arms against them, you’ve already got a cool outfit.

Happy hunting, Guardians. We’ll include some of the visual resources we used for our costume below.

Alex Eriksen
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