Can Killer Frost Regain Her Powers? (UPDATED)

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SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers from the The Flash episode “Lose Yourself” and “Think Fast”. Proceed with caution.

Updated: May 16, 2018:

Since the events of “Lose Yourself”, which are covered below, Caitlin has attempted to regain her Killer Frost powers. She tried working with Amunet Black, she tried to induce stress, she even tried scare her powers into re-awakening. So far, nothing had worked. Until this week’s episode, “Think Fast”.

When Caitlin entered Flashtime with Cisco and Barry, she was having trouble concentrating. When she fell out of Flashtime, she was struck with a memory of falling down on her bike as a child. At the end of the episode, she had Cisco vibe her back to that memory. During a bike accident as a young girl, her Killer Frost powers manifested. Her dad was present and was yelling something at her, like “No, Katie!”

That proves two things: that Killer Frost was always inside of her (a la Elsa, from Frozen) and that her father knew about the powers. When her therapist pressed Caitlin about her father’s premature death earlier in the episode, she didn’t want to talk about him. Perhaps he died because of her powers? Or there’s some connection there which relates to why Killer Frost has been repressed? Either way, that memory was a key clue that could help Caitlin get her powers back next season. So not all hope is lost for Killer Frost.

Original article: April 18, 2018:

Things are heating up on The Flash as the show heads towards its fourth season finale. During this week’s episode, “Lose Yourself,” the show lost two main characters: Killer Frost and Elongated Man. While Team Flash thought they were getting the upper hand on DeVoe, the tables were turned on them, which resulted in the “deaths” of these two characters. Let’s jump into how these shocking twists will shake up the show moving forward.

Killer Frost No More

The Flash Killer Frost

Caitlin Snow has been wrestling with her Killer Frost alter ego for over a year. Back in Season 3, Caitlin discovered that the particle accelerator had in fact flooded her body with Dark Matter. While she didn’t understand how this Dark Matter gave her an alternative personality, she slowly but surely began to accept her new powers and her other self.

At first, Caitlin was terrified of Killer Frost, but as of this episode, she was warming up to her alter ego, even to the point of passing herself notes and consulting Frost to help her make decisions. This seemed like a positive direction for the character and fans seemed to be enjoying Caitlin’s journey thus far.

Until DeVoe robbed Caitlin of her powers in the final minutes of the episode. So, the battle that Caitlin has been waging all season was won — but is that what she wanted? Is that what fans wanted? It feels like a cheap way to “fix” her; hopefully this will open up a greater dialogue about Caitlin getting to choose if she wants her powers back — a choice she never got originally.

Elongated Thinker

Flash Ralph Dibey

While this was a shocking twist, something even worse happened to Ralph. After building Ralph up to be a hero all season, he finally did the right thing in not killing DeVoe, only for DeVoe to turn on him, take his powers, and posses his body.

It’s hard to tell at this point if Ralph remains inside his body while the Thinker is in control of it. Barry was so distraught over the loss of his friend that he went to Ralph’s old private investigator studio, poured out a drink, and mourned.

Now DeVoe has the powers of all the bus metas and Ralph’s body, which can handle any kind of stretching stress. This feels like DeVoe’s endgame, and yet he still has one last plan to implement regarding “enlightenment”. Somehow this enlightenment has to do with Harry’s thinking cap, but how that all fits together remains to be seen.

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The Flash airs on Tuesdays at 8PM on The CW.

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