Director Says ‘Aquaman’ Is Less a Superhero Movie, and More Fantasy Sci-Fi

Chris Tilly
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Speaking about his new film Aquaman at Comic-Con today, director James Wan said, “My movie, in some ways, plays more like sci-fi/fantasy than a traditional superhero movie.”

Wan took to the stage alongside cast members Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, and Yahya Abdul II to discuss making the movie and to debut a brand-new trailer.

Over the course of the panel, Momoa said that he made a mistake with his choice of clothes, with the denim weighing him down when it got wet. While Abdul revealed that he couldn’t swim when he got the part — and had to learn quickly.

Arthur Curry’s Backstory Revealed

Aquaman underwater with Trident
Fans at SDCC got to see Momoa in Aquaman's iconic armor.

New footage from the movie then screened. It kicks off with some backstory about Arthur Curry‘s parents. Then we meet him as a young boy, being bullied at an aquarium and communicating with a shark.

The film’s plot is then fleshed out, with Aquaman summoned underwater because his half-brother is about to declare war on the surface world. The only way it can be stopped is if Arthur takes his rightful place as king.

The trailer then features lots of spectacular underwater action, which plays as Patrick Wilson’s Ocean Master claims he is bringing “the wrath of the seven seas” to the surface. It then ends, somewhat randomly, with Aquaman and Amber Heard’s Mera jumping out of a plane.

The panel also featured an exclusive clip of Momoa wielding a trident and wearing Aquaman’s classic orange and green armour.

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