How to Upgrade to the Disney+ Bundle (Including ESPN+ and Hulu)

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Since the Walt Disney Company owns a majority of both ESPN and Hulu, you can bundle your Disney+ subscription with both services for significant savings vs. buying all three separately.

ESPN+ allows you to stream selected live broadcasts of major sporting events, watch original content, access the archive of their 30 for 30 sports documentary series, and read premium ESPN articles online. An ESPN+ subscription alone costs $4.99 per month.

Hulu continually updates with recently aired TV shows from several broadcast networks, including NBC and ABC. Hulu also has an extensive library of TV shows and movies, as well as original content that can only be seen on Hulu. The basic $5.99 per month Hulu package places limited ads during shows, and Hulu also offers an ad-free upgrade for $12.99 per month.

With the Disney+ bundle, you get ESPN+, basic ad-supported Hulu, plus the Disney vault and original content on Disney+ — $17.97 total if you buy them separately — for a mere $12.99 per month. (See below to find out what to do if you already have either a Hulu or ESPN+ account.)

When you’re ready to sign up, click here to go to the Disney+ sign-up page.

Then click on “Buy Now” below where it lists Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ for $12.99 per month. The Disney+ bundle does not include a free 7-day trial like the unbundled Disney+ subscription.


On the next page, you enter your e-mail address. Then come up with a password. Your Disney+ password needs to be at least six characters with one number or special character. Longer passwords are more secure.

Disney+ is the only place to stream favorites from Disney and more. Watch now!

Finally, submit your payment information. Enter your credit or debit card number, or login with PayPal to use the online payment vendor. Once you click the blue “Agree & Subscribe” button, you’ll be charged $12.99, repeating on the same day of each month. You can cancel at any time but Disney+ will not offer a partial refund if you cancel before the re-bill date — your subscription will expire one month after the last payment.

You’ll be able to watch Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu on the browser you used to subscribe right away. To watch on other screens such as a streaming TV, game console, or mobile device, you’ll need to download the separate Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu apps. When you’re asked to login to each service, use the same e-mail address and password you used to sign up for Disney+.

How do I upgrade to the bundle if I already have a basic Disney+ account?

You can still sign up for the bundle at, using the e-mail address you use on your Disney+ account. Or, under your account page, click on “Billing Details,” then on the next page select “Switch to Disney bundle.” If you were paying $69.99 yearly for Disney+ instead of the monthly charge, you’ll get a $5.83 monthly credit ($69.99 divided by 12) off your Disney+ bundle cost for the remainder of the year.

How do I sign up for the Disney+ bundle if I already have a Hulu subscription?

Make sure you sign up using the same e-mail address that is associated with your Hulu account. The system will automatically find your Hulu and associate it with the Disney+ bundle, after which you will no longer be charged for Hulu.

Can I keep my ad-free Hulu subscription with the Disney+ bundle?

Yes. Use the same e-mail address that is already on your existing Hulu account to sign up for Disney+. Your Hulu account will be automatically detected and linked with your Disney+ bundle. You’ll get a $5.99 per month discount — the value of a basic Hulu account — off your Disney+ charge.

How do I sign up for the Disney+ bundle if I already have a subscription to ESPN+?

Use the same e-mail address that you used to sign up for ESPN+, and you’ll receive a $4.99 per month discount — the cost of an ESPN+ account — off your Disney+ charge.

If I already have Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu, can I merge all three accounts and get the bundle price?

No, it’s impossible to merge all three existing accounts. It’s best to cancel the Disney+ account, then sign up for the Disney+ bundle with the e-mail you used on ESPN+ and Hulu.

Disney+ is the only place to stream favorites from Disney and more. Watch now!

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