5 Fictional Donut Shops We’d Love to Visit

TV Movies
TV Movies

Donuts are delicious. So delicious, in fact, that they’ve become ingrained in popular culture. Even our favorite fictional characters love donuts — and they get them from some pretty awesome donut shops. Check out these five donut shops we’d like to visit from TV and movies.

Lard Lad Donuts in The Simpsons

Lard Lad Donuts in The Simpsons -- Best Donut Shops in Movies and TV

Lard Lad Donuts on The Simpsons is a parody of the Bob’s Big Boy restaurant chain — the sign is a giant mascot sign holding a massive donut high in the air. It’s where Homer, Chief Wiggum, and the residents of Springfield get their donut fix. The Fast-Food Boulevard location is famous for their pink sprinkled donuts. There’s even a real-world version of Lard Lad Donuts at Universal Studios Florida. And it played an important part in The Simpsons Game.

The Big Donut in Steven Universe

The Big Donut is a store in Steven Universe, but you can get a lot more than just donuts there. Cookie Cat, Lion Lickers, and Dog-Nuts are just a few of the treats available to Beach City patrons. But be warned: The Big Donut used to make their donuts in store, but now they just have them shipped there due to a catastrophic incident known only as “the accident.”

The Big Donut in Zootopia

The Big Donut is, apparently, a pretty common name for a fictional donut shop because it’s also a thing in Disney’s Oscar-winning animated film, Zootopia. While located in Little Rodentia, The Big Donut is a hit with all the residents of Zootopia. It’s located in a pink-frosted building with a giant donut on top. During the movie’s climactic chase scene, the giant donut-shaped sign gets kicked off the roof and goes rolling through town.

Stan Mikita’s Donuts in Wayne’s World

Stan Mikita’s Donuts is a donut shop where Garth, Wayne and their crew hang out in Wayne’s World. It’s named after former Chicago Blackhawks star Stan Mikita and is meant to parody the Canadian donut chain Tim Horton’s, also named after a retired hockey player. The iconic location from the ’90s SNL-inspired comedy was recently brought to life in downtown Los Angeles for NHL All-Star Weekend where hockey fans could get their coffee and donut fix.

Randy’s Donuts in Arrested Development, Iron Man 2, and More

Okay, you got us. Randy’s Donuts isn’t a fictional location, but it HAS appeared in so many movies and TV shows that it’s impossible for us not to give a shoutout. In fact, it’s the shop that half of the other donut shops in this post are based on. The legendary Inglewood, California shop is a simple walk-up with a MASSIVE donut sign mounted on the roof. You’ve seen Buster Bluth on the roof in Arrested Development. And Tony Stark even took a timeout to have a little treat while relaxing in the giant sign in Iron Man 2.

Even more fictional donut shops we’d like to visit:

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