‘Doom Patrol’: Diane Guerrero on Her Favorite Crazy Jane Personalities

Danielle Radford
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A second season of Doom Patrol was announced during San Diego Comic-Con, along with the confirmation that the series will continue to stream on DC Universe while it will also be available on the upcoming HBO Max service. We were able to sit down with Diane Guerrero (“Crazy Jane”) during SDCC to talk a bit about her favorite Jane personalities and how well the show has been received.

Playing Favorites

Guerrero’s character, Crazy Jane, has 64 different personalities, each with their own power set. She’s played 20 of them on the show so far, a challenge she was more than up for. “I learned that I have to be very specific,” she said, when it came to how she approached the many personalities. In this case, that means taking what’s on the page and adding her own physicality to it.

As for her favorites, she has a few. “I love Baby Doll because I love going into my little girl and nurturing that. I love Karen because she moved through space like she didn’t care about anyone but herself. Hammerhead I loved. I love expressing myself in that way.”

Unexpected Fan Reaction

Doom Patrol has become a favorite among fans and critics, both those familiar with the comics and those introduced to the characters through the series. Guerrero said the fan love caught her a little off guard. “I was really surprised by how much people liked it. Usually, you’ll get good reviews but some people, it’s a little harder for them to say ‘Okay, I love this’ off the bat. Especially when you’re telling a story with such an old fanbase”.

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Danielle Radford