Elizabeth Olsen Reckons Scarlet Witch is More Powerful Than Vision

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An ongoing debate amongst comic book fans is who is more powerful, Scarlet With or Vision? With the pair coupling up onscreen in Avengers: Infinity War, we asked the actors who play the characters — Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany — who would win in a fight. And which of them ultimately wields the most power. Their responses were intriguing, posing more questions than they answered …

Who is More Powerful?

Elizabeth Olsen: I think I am. But am I crazy to think that? Because you’re AI.

Paul Bettany: But it’s also the same thing. You’re powered by the same thing I’m powered by. By the way, I’m totally cool with you being more powerful.

Olsen: I have an answer but I don’t want to say it. I think it’s…

Bettany: … Oh yeah I know what you’re saying.

Olsen: Yeah.

Bettany: Oh yeah I know exactly what you’re saying. It would be a spoiler.

So it sounds like we are going to get an answer to the question in the movie, but one they are refusing to spoil before release.

Who Would Win in a Fight?

With that approach going nowhere, we changed tactics, asking who would win in a fight if Scarlet Witch and Vision had a nasty break-up and it came to blows.

Bettany: I don’t think we’d break up like that.

Olsen: I don’t think they would hurt each other. I think it would be more in respect. I think they’re that kind of partnership.

Bettany: I think it would be an amicable separation.

Olsen: I don’t think they’d be violent towards each other.

Based on that, we reckon that this most unusual couple will end Avengers: Infinity War on a happy note. Perhaps paving the way for the Taika Waititi rom-com we asked them about in the below video …

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