‘Episode 9’ Director’s Favourite Star Wars Character is Surprising

Chris Tilly
Star Wars
Star Wars

Director Colin Trevorrow is about to start principal photography on Episode IX, so while we had him cornered during Book of Henry press, FANDOM wanted to ask him something Star Wars-related.

Unfortunately, Trevorrow couldn’t get into specifics about the forthcoming movie, so we went down a more general route, asking him who his favourite Star Wars character of all time is. And the answer was somewhat unexpected…

“I was a Star Wars kid – that’s all I thought about and that’s all I cared about for a huge chunk of time and while I love all the characters, to me my favourite character is The Force. I’m one of those people – and I know that we’re a special few – but there are some who do believe that the galaxy is bound together by an energy field that binds every living thing and I think that those who do believe that have a connection to Star Wars that takes one step further beyond the love of these characters, the love of this world, of these aliens, of this galaxy. It’s something that’s a little more spiritual and a little bit deeper, and it’s something that’s important to me.”

Trevorrow’s The Book of Henry is in cinemas right now, while Star Wars: Episode IX is due to start principal photography soon, with the film hitting screens Summer 2019.

And if you want to find out more about ‘The Force’ you can check out our detailed history, which includes the origins, the history, and an account of ‘The Hundred-Year Darkness.’

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