Everyone Who Survived the ‘Westworld’ Season 2 Finale

Brittany Rivera

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers from the Westworld episode “The Passenger.” Proceed with caution.

Just when you think you have a grasp of the timeline and story in Westworld, the series puts out an episode like “The Passenger.” The 90 minute Season 2 finale delivered some of the show’s craziest twists to date. It wrapped up ‘The Door’ storyline and in doing so introduced a whole new batch of questions including — once more — who is and isn’t a host. In a season with an already high body count, the biggest question is who made it out of the finale alive. So let’s take a look at everyone who survived the Westworld Season 2 finale.


Dolores in the Westworld season 2 finale

Season 2 saw Dolores go from farmer’s daughter to the leader of the robot rebellion. Her goal wasn’t just for the hosts to live inside the park without humans, she wants to take over the real world. (Because what’s real to Dolores is “That which is irreplaceable.”) Bernard didn’t like this plan and shot Dolores to stop her. However, Bernard also took Dolores’ pearl and put it inside another body that he had created — one that looks like Delos executive Charlotte Hale. This allowed Dolores to escape the park and safely end up on the mainland. The world better watch out!

Status: Alive


Westworld Bernard

Alongside Dolores, Bernard is the key architect to the season finale. It is he who decided that the hosts were worthy of living and should be spared. This is why he eventually brought Dolores back to life after killing her. She is their only hope for a future. Bernard ended the season alongside Dolores at Arnold‘s house in the real world. Despite saving her life, Bernard still doesn’t trust Dolores and promises to prevent her from ending the human race.

Status: Alive


Westworld Shogun World Maeve

Maeve’s storyline this season had her searching for her daughter Anna. They were reunited briefly in “Phase Space“, before being torn apart once more. In the finale Maeve and Anna came face to face again, this time with Anna seemingly remembering her mother. Maeve sacrificed herself for her daughter, holding off the fighting hosts who had been controlled by Clementine before being gunned down by QA. However, her death was not in vain. Anna (and her other mother) escaped to the paradise of Eden.

Status: Dead*

While Maeve is dead for now, we did see Dolores leaving the island (as Charlotte) with a bag of host brain pearls. We don’t know exactly whose they are, but one of them could potentially be Maeve. Fingers crossed.


In the penultimate episode, “Vanishing Point “, Teddy committed suicide, destroyed because of what Dolores had made him become. However, in this episode we saw that Dolores removed the pearl inside his head and uploaded him to Eden. Despite the terrible things she had done to him, at least he can now rest in peace. Farewell, Theodore.

Status: Eden


Westworld Ghost Nation Akecheta

Akecheta did what he promised: he brought his people to Glory and protected Maeve’s daughter in the process. After escorting Anna and her other mother through The Door, Akecheta was able to enter Eden himself. There, in the most touching scene of the episode, he is reunited with his lost love Kohana.

Status: Eden



Clementine had a rough season. She was reprogramed with the same abilities as Maeve and was able to control the other hosts to do her bidding. Charlotte used this power to control Clementine to make the hosts attack each other. Clementine prevented  a large number of hosts from getting through the Door into Eden before she was gunned down by Armistice.

Status: Dead

Hector, Armistice, & Hanaryo


Hector, Armistice, and Hanaryo became faithful allies to Maeve in the search to find her daughter and the battle of the hosts vs. the humans. They fought by her side until the very end, taking down the hosts controlled by Clementine. However, all three were eventually overpowered by the angry hosts and died from their injuries.

Status: Dead

Elsie Hughes

Westworld Elsie Hughes

After being knocked out and stranded in a cave by Bernard, things were finally looking up for Elsie. The two were working together to get to the Valley Beyond — until Bernard abandoned her once more. Elsie finally returned to the Mesa and the other humans, only to be killed by Charlotte Hale. Hale had a plan for Westworld, one she knew Elsie would not go along with because of her good nature. Rather than letting the tech stop her, Hale ruthlessly shot Elsie while Bernard watched helplessly.

Status: Dead

Charlotte Hale

As the executive director of the Delos board, Charlotte is a key figure in Westworld. It was her plan to mine the data from the guests in the park which made her stop at nothing to get the information off the island. Bernard knew she was the key to saving the hosts because of her position of power. He built a host body that resembled Charlotte and puts Dolores’ pearl inside of he, giving her new life. Dolores then shot and killed the real Charlotte so no one knows she is a copy. Trippy, right?

Status: Dead

Lee Sizemore

Lee has been changed by his time spent in the park with Maeve. He now feels empathy for the hosts and knows what they are capable of. In order to protect Maeve and the rest of her friends, Lee sacrificed himself, distracting the QA team sent to take the hosts down. His ending is a true hero’s death as he recited the lines he wrote for hosts like Hector. He went out in a true blaze of glory.

Status: Dead

Ashley Stubbs

Westworld Stubbs Season 2 Luke Hemsworth

Stubbs isn’t just alive — he’s also secretly a host disguised as the head of park security in Westworld. His main drive is to protect the other hosts, something he continued to do by letting Dolores (as Charlotte) escape the park. He was last seen on the beach facilitating clean up and basically letting Dolores know she’s no longer his problem.

Status: Alive

Felix & Sylvester

Westworld Felix

Techs Felix and Sylvester survived the season after being dragged through numerous parks by Maeve. At this point they’ve stayed with her out of a combination of fear and loyalty. The pair were last seen on the beach also helping clean up the dead hosts. They were tasked with looking for any hosts that might be able to be salvaged — and both looked towards Maeve’s body lying in the sand.

Status: Alive



Somehow, despite multiple injuries, the Man in Black has survived the season and beyond. William’s hand was severely injured when his gun backfired from Dolores’ damaged bullet. The evacuation team found William and brought him to the beach where he was “critical”, but still alive. The post credit scene for the episode showed William in what appeared to be the future, in a destroyed version of the Forge. Whether he’s a human or a host — or something more — is yet to be seen, although he appears to be a host.

Status: Alive

With a such large body count, the cast of Westworld is bound to look different in Season 3. Many of the key humans are dead or disguised as someone else. Will the show introduce new characters? Are there still some hosts hidden among those we believe are human? With this show anything is possible.

Were you surprised to see so many people die during this episode? Were you surprised to see everyone who survived the Westworld Season 2 finale? Let us know your thoughts and reactions on social @getFANDOM.

Westworld will return for Season 3.

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