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TV Anime

According to Anime News Network, the second season of the anime hit My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) will premiere 0n March 25th. But, not so fast, the first episode will actually be a recap of the first season with new footage. Titled Boku no Hero Academia Hero Note, the recap episode will concentrate on Izuku’s notebooks. Izuku has a habit of writing down all he knows about Heroes and their Quirks. Nevertheless, new episodes will premiere on April 1st. However, if you can’t wait until April, here’s a list of anime series that are similar to My Hero Academia.

One-Punch Man

anime similar my hero academia one punch man

One-Punch Man follows Saitama, an overpowered superhero who’s bored fighting the same villains. And despite having incredible powers, his peers do not respect him and look down on him. But, not because they’re jealous, but because of Saitama’s looks, which brings into question his authenticity. However, this all changes with the arrival of Genos – a 19-year-old cyborg – who wants to be Saitama’s disciple. Genos proposes that the two join The Hero Association, also known as the Superhero Society to become certified heroes. And so begins the adventures of an ordinary yet extraordinary hero.

Both series share the same theme – a world with superheroes and villains – with both showcasing the true meaning of being a hero. And although both protagonists share the same goal there are some differences between the two. In One-Punch Man, Saitama decides to be the most powerful hero alive. He becomes too powerful that he now faces a self-imposed existential crisis. As now Saitama is too powerful to gain any thrill from his deeds. By joining the Superhero Society, he realizes what is to be a hero.

Tiger & Bunny

anime similar my hero academia tiger and bunny

If you really want a series to hold you up until My Hero Academia returns, then Tiger & Bunny is the right choice for you. Much like Academia, the world of Tiger & Bunny is split into those with powers called “NEXT” and those with no abilities. However, this particular breed of individuals appears on Hero TV, a reality TV show where they chase down criminals to bring publicity to their sponsors and earn Hero Points. One of these contestants is the low-ranking “Wild Tiger,” whose performance has been declining as of late. After yet another losing season, he is paired up with a brand new hero, Barnaby Brooks Jr, nicknamed “Bunny.” But, with their contrasting personalities will they ever learn to work together and face the looming danger within Sternbild City?

Both series have a similar superhero theme – individuals possessing powers and their limitations – and a heavy focus on partnership and friendship. However, Tiger & Bunny illustrates the commercial side of superheroes – DC and Marvel merchandise – whereas Academia does it for the pure intentions of saving people. Nevertheless, Tiger & Bunny has a very light storyline that My Hero Academia fans will love.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

anime similar my hero academia tengen toppa gurren lagann

In the underground village of Jeeha, lives Simon and Kamina. Who, one day discover a robot amongst the rocks, which turns out to be the key to an ancient artifact of war, which they dub Lagann. Immediately after their discovery, two beings from the surface crash into Jeeha. One is a gun-toting woman named Yoko and the other is a mecha piloted by a Beastman. Using their new weapon, Simon and Kamina fend off the surprise attack from the surface. After the battle, the sky comes in plain view. The sky motivates the pair to explore the wastelands of the surface alongside Yoko. They join the fight against the “Beastmen,” humanoid creatures that terrorize the remnants of humanity in mechas called “Gunmen.” In spite of facing some challenges and setbacks, the trio boldly fights these new enemies.

The main similarity between the protagonists is their newfound ability that they have to learn to control. And with the help of their mentor/friend, who inspires and supports them, they can achieve incredible feats. Although their social phobia is a huge obstacle, they are able to overcome it with the help of their friends.

Assassination Classroom

anime similar my hero academia assassination classroom

When a mysterious creature takes a bite out of the moon leaving it with a permanent crescent, the students of class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Middle School are confronted with a baffling task: assassinate the creature responsible, before Earth suffers a similar fate. However, the creature, called Koro-sensei, can fly up to Mach 20, making capturing it almost impossible. But, the students of 3-E soon realize, that the octopus-looking-creature is more than just invincible. He’s the best teacher they have ever had!

While the goal of the main characters is certainly different – My Hero Academia, is about teaching the students to become heroes and Assassination Classroom to become assassins – what makes them similar are the characters. In Assassination Classroom, Koro-sensei has an ulterior motive in mind, for his students to achieve academic excellence. On top of that, both main characters aspire to be like their teachers. With, their friends also being counterparts of each other. From the troublesome yet geniuses Karma to Bakugou, and the upbeat Kayano to Uraraka. Overall the key similarity between both series is that relationships start off tense. However, it soon begins to grow and they become lifelong friends.

Katekyō Hitman Reborn!

anime similar my hero academia katekyo hitman reborn

Katekyō follows the story of Tsuna, a clumsy and shy schoolboy who falls in love with a girl who’s out of his league. Due to his constant missteps, he becomes the perfect personification of failure. Which his classmates dub “Loser Tsuna.” But, luckily he meets Reborn, a hitman who is also a baby! Send by a notorious mafia family; Reborn must prepare Tsuna to succeed the boss of the Vongola Family. With a hard road lying ahead, Tsuna and with the help of his new friends will achieve greatness.

Katekyō Hitman Reborn’s main protagonist, Tsuna, shares many similarities with My Hero Academia’s main protagonist, Izuku. Both of them start out weak, ordinary and unlikely to achieve anything. However, with the help of their mentor and some tenacity, they achieve the impossible and unlock their true potential.

Soul Eater

anime similar my hero academia soul eater

Set in the Shinigami Weapon Meister University, Soul Eater follows three groups, with each consisting of a Weapon Meister and a Weapon. However, the weapon that they wield are no conventional weapons! Each Meister is paired with a human-like being who can transform into a weapon. A Meister’s goal is to turn their human weapon into a “Death Scythe” by defeating the souls of 99 evil humans (pre-kishin) and one witch.

The similarities between Soul Eater and My Hero Academia are undeniable, except the superhero aspect. First of all, the key similarity between both series lies in the storyline, both concentrate on teenage characters in a school setting for those with supernatural powers. Furthermore, both series share the same genre (shounen) and studio (Studio Bones), which is evident in both anime, from the battle scenes to the characters personalities.

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