EXCLUSIVE: Deleted ‘Atomic Blonde’ Scene Sees Charlize Theron Let Her Guard Down

Kim Taylor-Foster

Exclusive to FANDOM, this deleted scene from Charlize Theron action thriller Atomic Blonde sees her character Lorraine Broughton drop her guard while in bed with Sofia Boutella’s Delphine.

The pair lie close together, with Delphine nestled on Lorraine’s chest as Lorraine puffs on a cigarette. As Lorraine strokes Delphine’s hair, Delphine asks: “Have you ever been in love?”

Lorraine doesn’t answer. There’s a silence, which Delphine fills. “I think that love is the only thing worth living for, or dying for,” she says.

Gazing off into the middle distance, Lorraine responds: “I’m not afraid of love.”

Delphine raises her head and looks Lorraine in the eye. “Then what are you afraid of?” she asks.

“Losing it,” comes the reply, Lorraine’s eyes soft, half-closed.

“When you tell the truth you look different. Your eyes change,” observes Delphine.

Lorraine continues to stroke Delphine’s hair. She pauses and looks at her face intently.

“Thanks for the warning,” she says before looking away to take another drag on her cigarette.

Delphine leans in and asks: “What do you mean?”

“I mean I’d better not do that again,” says Lorraine still looking away.

“Why?” asks Delphine.

Lorraine looks at her again, and seems reluctant to answer. She sighs, as Delphine nestles her head into her chin. Lorraine looks up, still playing with Delphine’s hair.

“Because it’s going to get me killed one day,” she says in a half whisper.

Sophia Boutella as Delphine.

If you haven’t yet seen Atomic Blonde, take a look our review to see what we made of it. Want to know what it’s about? Here’s the official synopsis:

Sensual and savage, Lorraine Broughton is the most elite spy in MI6, an agent who’s willing to use all of her lethal skills to stay alive during an impossible mission. With the Berlin Wall about to fall, she travels into the heart of the city to retrieve a priceless dossier and take down a ruthless espionage ring. Once there, she teams up with an embedded station chief to navigate her way through the deadliest game of spies.

Atomic Blonde is available on Digital now, and coming to 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on December 4 in the UK. It’s out now in the US.

Kim Taylor-Foster
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